Low Level Easy Access Walk in Showers & Baths

‘Complete with a Lifetime Warranty’

Walk in Showers and Baths offer a complete range of walk in baths, low-level showers, wet rooms and bespoke bathing makeovers at exceptional value for money. We are a National company with advisors and installers living in various locations around the UK.

Westminster Wet Room

Westminster Wet Room

  • Fully waterproof wet room with lifetime guarantee
  • Suitable for all floor types, upstairs or downstairs
  • Modern safety mixer shower suitable for the whole family
  • Freestanding slip-resistance seat for easy temporary use
  • Concealed high flow drain
  • Walk-in screen with reassurance of safety glass
  • A wide variety of available screen sizes
  • 99% of our clients are VAT exempt


Walk in Easy Access Lux Monaco Shower Enclosure

Lux Monaco Alcove

The walk in easy access Lux Monaco Alcove has an extensive choice of sizes and again can be a wetroom or a raised easy access low level shower tray installation.

  • Split door for assisted showering optional
  • A full selection of screens, curtains, rails and ramps means you can create a bespoke bathroom for your specific needs
  • Easy grab enclosure handles (where required)

The Majestic Shower Range

The easy access Majestic Shower range are designed specifically for the mobility and domestic markets and are both practical and stylish.

Easy Access Walk in Showers - MajesticRange

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Choose Your Walk In Bath
With a large range of walk-in baths we have put together a guide to help you decide which walk in bath is best suited for you. Read More
Disabled Showers
Our disabled shower range provide easy access for those with disabilities including access for wheelchairs. Read More
Choose Your Walk In Shower
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Video Testimonials

We try to do the best job on each and every bathroom installation. Below are a couple of video testimonials, we also like to collect installation pictures, click here to see bathroom installation pictures.

Mr & Mrs Currell – Walsall

Miss Baker – Gloucestershire

Mrs Holloway Long – Midlands

Why Consider Us?

Walk in Showers and Baths Ltd is one of the UK’s leading manufacturer and installers of walk in baths and shower enclosures. We are an independent family owned company offering Bathing Solutions and designs for the elderly, disabled, or anyone who need easy access to their bathroom.

You will see many companies advertising in the papers and on the net offering similar products. Please note that Mobility+, Care in Bathing, Premier and Bathing Solutions are now all part of the same group with the same Sales Manager and the same CEO. That leaves us as a completely independent company, so worth considering when looking for a competitive and independent price.

Baths direct from the Manufacturer
Over 100 walk in showers to choose from
Free advice regarding your disabled wet room
Over 25 years experience
Call 0161 870 2545 (North) or 0207 101 9340 (South), 01952 457991 (Midlands)
Our freephone number is 0800 612 5954


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