Contact Details

Walk in Showers and Baths Ltd (Wisab)
18 Hortonwood 33
United Kingdom

e.mail: info (at) walkinshowersandbaths (dot) co (dot) uk

Telephone Numbers:

North 0161 870 2545
South 0207 101 9340
Midlands 01952 457 991
Freephone 0800 612 5954

Request a Free Brochure & Price List

We like to receive visitors at our Telford address where you will be able to view the Regency and the Mayfair Walk in Baths and the Windsor Walk in Shower.

Please call us first so we can ensure one of us can diary in sufficient time to spend with you.

A link and directions to our location is below.

Depending which way you are coming, where Halesfield 8 meets Halesfield 13 there is a roundabout.  If you are turning into Halesfield 8 from Halesfield 13 immediately on your left is the Space Centre and the Boxwood Café. There is normally a sign on the verge saying Boxwood Cafe.

If you are coming down Halesfield 8, then  just before the roundabout the Space Centre & Café is on the Right.

The entrance to the reception is through large green security gates. Carry on to the bottom of the large car park and you will see the reception on the right hand side.


Our postcode, TF7 4QN,  will take you to our warehouse at the rear of our offices. The A on the map designates the whole QN area.  Not our exact location. The Space Centre is just above the roundabout above the A, on the left if you are heading up.