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Bathroom Interior Design for Seniors

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As people get older, there are various things that will need to be changed about their home which will help them to use it better, and more independently. A key area of focus should be the bathroom, as it has been found that when it comes to seniors, more accidents occur in this part of the home than any other. With this being the case, it makes sense that you should think about the interior design of your bathroom, and make sure that it can be used to its full potential, no matter what your mobility needs might be. We have put together some focus points for you, which should help you to make the best decisions about bathroom design.

Make plenty of space

The most important thing is that there is enough space for you to move around in the bathroom. If you have to walk around things that are in your way, you might find that this is a struggle, and this could cause you to have an accident. So, you should only ever have what is needed in the room, and anything else should be taken out. Minimalism is the key word here, as it means that there is less in the room to cause an accident – and also that you would be able to get in there in a wheelchair if you need to.

Make allowances for balance

If you know that your balance isn’t as good as it might have been, then you need to make sure that you are giving yourself plenty to hold onto whenever you need it. This includes grab bars to help you get on and off the toilet, and to steady yourself with at various points around your bathroom. It’s better to be safe than sorry – however you should always check with a professional before you add these to the room, as you need to ensure that you will be lifting yourself at an angle which isn’t going to cause you any further harm.

Consider purchasing an accessible bath or shower

A walk-in bath or shower could transform your life, as it would mean that you could regain your independence as you would no longer need the help that you needed in the past to simply be able to get in and out of your tub. If you opt for a walk-in shower, then you might even like to think about having the room turned into a wet room, as this means that there are no steps for you to climb over to get into the shower, and you will just be able to shower whenever you need to, in your own time.

Have a plan in case of emergency

Things can go wrong no matter how careful you are, so having an emergency button in your bathroom can be great to give you (and your loved ones) the peace of mind that you need. Having one of these installed is a great way of being absolutely sure that help is always on hand if you need it, while still being able to enjoy your independence for the majority of the time.

If you are hoping to change your bathroom to make it more accessible, then there is no doubt that there are many options that you could take in order to do this. However, it can help to get in touch with an expert to take a look over your space first, as it means that you know you have thought of everything, and that everything is put in the optimal place to give you the most benefit possible.

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