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Why can’t you just get a rough quote over the phone?

When you have decided you need a new bathroom, the cost is always the first thing you want to know. You want a rough idea of what the cost will be. Most bathroom installation companies will only be able to give you a cost once they have surveyed your home. You might find this frustrating and wonder why. Why can’t you just get a rough quote over the phone? The reason being is that the cost of baths and showers vary and without know exactly what you want it is impossible to quote.

Why costs vary?

Companies will not want to give you a price because until they have carried out a survey they will not know what their costs are. Every job is unique and depending on what you are having done will depend on the price. Replacing old for new is relatively much cheaper than if you want the bathroom remodelled. If you want the bath in a new position the cost will raise due to the extra plumbing costs. The cost really is dependent on the level of luxury you require and any water pressure issue’s you might have. You may also decide to have a new WC, Basin, Floor and Wall covering and you may need a pump for the waste or to assist with the pressure.

Once they have carried out a survey a Fixed Price can be given. Walk in Showers and Baths Ltd can complete the survey in week one, install your required product in week 2 or 3 and ensure it is fit for purpose. Should the installation be very urgent, if, for instance, you have a relation in hospital who cannot come home until the installation is complete, it could be possible for us to start the installation the same week.

As a manufacturer Walk in Showers and Baths Ltd can offer exceptional value for money which our competitors cannot. We have no middle men taking their cut. Its straight from us to you.

A free fit for purpose advisory call from one of our trained advisors will give you peace of mind and a Fixed Price. The next step is the survey.

Surveys are a necessity

Getting a quote from a bathroom company or home improvement company it is important you must get everything written down and agreed. Both for your own peace of mind and the companies. The last thing the company wants is half way through the job you ask for alterations. You need to be clear what you want and where you want it before you sign any contract. This is why a survey is important. Even if you know what you want, it is only after a survey of your home will you be able to get the real cost. Also with bathrooms for the elderly or disabled there are many things that need to be taken into consideration which you might not have thought of. We as a company want to ensure we give you a bathroom that you can use now and for the future. Being experts in this field we know all the right questions to ask to ensure you get a bathroom that will really transform you life.

Time is money

Another issue regarding the cost of a new bathroom is the size and shape of your bathroom and how difficult the job might be. If you having a en-suite then the room needs to be checked to be sure the job is possible. All jobs are possible but depending on where the plumbing is will depend on how much of an upheaval the job will be. Wet rooms and reconfigured bathrooms take a little longer so remember that the installer will be paid on how long it takes. So only if it’s a simple job, the cost can be kept low.

Company costs

Remember each company has to pay its staff as well. So the bathroom installation cost will be made up of the actual products, labour for the installer, the sales man and the administration staff back in the company’s’ office. There is also the waste.  That has to be paid to be taken away. If you have the time it is better to get a few quotes from a few companies. You will then see which company is adding the most profiles or who has the most expensive installers. Some people think if they pay more they will get a better job. That is not necessarily the case. The Wisab team would like a profit of course, but would much rather do a great job at a great price so that you rant and rave and recommend us to others.

Competitive quotes from WISAB

The cost of a new bathroom from Walk in Showers and Baths Ltd will be very competitive and probably the cheapest if you compare us to other companies. We have been in the business for 30 years now and know all the main national companies. Three of the main bathroom companies have joined forces making us even more competitive. Unlike some of the more well-known companies we can’t spend thousands of pounds on marketing. We ensure that your needs are met and let our work speak for its self. We are an ethical company trying to help people stay independent at home for longer. We don’t have money to spend on professional videos but we are trying to get some video testimonials together and get our installers to take pictures on some installations if the customer allows.  Follow the pages below to see our work for yourself.

Wisab are more than just another bathroom company, we solve people’s problems and improve people’s lives. So if you want quote for a new bathroom from a non pushy salesman, give us a call.






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