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How to make your bathroom more accessible

supreme walk in bath

Ready to renovate: choose products that combine style with practicality so they can be enjoyed by all

Design tweaks and added features to suit young and old can make your bathroom more accessible

It has never been easier to create a bathroom that looks a million dollars. But is the outlay justified? It is if you’re future-proofing it. That is, ensuring it’s accessible by people of all ages and abilities – which might mean your elderly relatives, or your teens. Select products that combine style with practicality and you’ll make it a space to be enjoyed by all.

Modern makeover: wet rooms are hugely stylish and practical

One great way to update a bathroom is with a wet room or walk-in shower. Seamless, space saving and unobtrusive in design, the wet room concept is hugely practical. Particularly for younger and older members of the family, the absence of a traditional shower tray offers maximum accessibility for everyone, even wheelchair users. It can also make most use of space in a compact bathroom, alcove or recess.

Low-slip floor tiles will provide additional safety and reassurance and a bold colourful design will cleverly zone areas for anyone with visual impairments, as well as satisfy the style-conscious members of the family.

A clean-lined aesthetic combined with thoughtful design details such as robust, easy-to-grip handles on the inside and outside of the doors makes showering safe and add bags of style too.

Walk In Easy Access Low Level Majestic Shower Range

Majestic Half Height

Small tweaks, big benefits

Another option is the Walk in bath which results in easier access for the less mobile and those bathing young children.

supreme walk in bath
Bubbles and bathing: the Walk in bath works well for the whole family. Well-considered design details to vanity units and sanitary ware also make all the difference in ensuring a space is accessible to all without compromising on aesthetics. Units with softly rounded edges.

double vanity unit

Showers and showerheads too can have designer style as well as contain safety features such temperature safe options and illuminated, tactile push button controls to eliminate the risk of scalding, such as those featured on the Wrekin shower range.

electric walk in shower bluetooth
Which means that all members of the family can shower in safety and style, be they an elderly grandparent or a design savvy teen. It’s never been so easy to make a beautiful bathroom that’s equally accessible to everyone.

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