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Six in ten people over 65 view using independence aids at home as an accepted part of growing older, so there is no need to be held back by concerns it will look as if you have ‘given in’. Thinking about safety at home is just common sense, and will help you get more out of life.

For those that do use independence aids, the benefits are clear, with 57% saying that using one makes them feel safer in the home, while 42% experience a heightened sense of independence. Worryingly 16% of older people are unsure of what’s available, and where to find information that will help them stay independent. Another recent study shows those older people without aids and adaptations are twice as likely to fall, which can lead to hip and shoulder fractures – injuries that can fast-track them into care.

Climbing into an ordinary bath can be an uphill battle in later life, but a walk-in bath or shower with low access can restore bathing confidence and safety.

There is plenty of choice of models so you can end up with a luxurious bathing solution that looks the opposite of institutional, and one that you will be very pleased to show off. These include full length or sit up versions with a side door that can either open inwards or outwards. They can also include a spa system, or a water jet system to produce massaging bubbles.

Mixer showers include models that are cool to the touch, therefore eliminating the risk of scalding.

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