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Bathrooms are interesting places

Mayfair Walk-in-Bath Installation

Bathrooms are interesting places.  They are somewhere to wash, but also, more importantly, a haven to unwind form the stresses of modern life.

Traditional bathrooms are not always user-friendly to everybody, as those with mobility issues can confirm.  Most bathrooms are designed for looks alone, and are not practical.  The easiest of tasks, such as showering, can be difficult , and at times hazardous for bathers, carers and other family members.

The latest easy access designs mean that a shower can still provide an invigorating, refreshing and safe start to the day, or a relaxing end to a stressful day.  A walk in shower with a low-level lip provides a very small step into the shower tray.  This ensures easy access and reduces the risk of tripping, making entry and exit from the shower area much safer.  For that added safety and security, shower trays are slip-resistant.

Screens are made of high-quality tempered safety glass, with thermostatically controlled showers keep the water at a safe, constant temperature, and also stay cool to the touch when in use.

At the same time as being easier to use, these showers are carefully designed to be as elegant, smart and stylish as the best “standard” models.

A discreet and modern-looking grab bar offers security when getting in and out of the shower, while easy-clean paneling helps eliminate mould and makes cleaning simple.

High quality materials are used to create a comfortable shower seat so that it blends in with the rest of the fixtures and finishes.

For those with mobility issues, a shower of this type offers ease of use without any sacrifice of style or comfort.  Your new bathroom is not only beautifully designed, but is future-proof and enjoyable for all the family to use.

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