Lux walk in shower range

If the time has come to think about adapting your bathroom to incorporate an easy access walk-in bath or low-level shower; while the most important consideration is to ensure that the adaptations make bathing easier and safer, it also gives you the perfect opportunity to update your bathroom. Tiles, flooring, mirrors, light fittings, and the fixtures and fittings themselves, all play a part in creating a room that’s not only practical, but which gives you pleasure every time you use it. Being aware of the latest bathroom trends will also help you to create a bathroom that’s practical, accessible and stylish and a room where you can escape, relax and bathe in safety. Here’s a selection of popular trends, which you may want to consider when updating your bathroom.

Trough Sinks

Far from being something that you’d find in a barn, trough sinks are both elegant and practical. Sometimes called a ‘double sink’, they’re extra long so that, in addition to their normal use, they can be used for hand washing extra large items too. They can allow for wheelchair access so are ideal practical for those people less mobile.

Square and geometric shapes

Squares and geometric shapes are a popular trend throughout the home, but they lend themselves very well to the bathroom, mainly in the form of square showerheads. Angular and geometric shapes also work well for accessories, such as soap dishes.

Luxury walk in shower designs

While you may be considering a walk-in shower for practical reasons, you’ll also be happy to know that they’re right on trend in 2016. Whether you choose a low-level shower with a glass screen to contain the water, or you prefer to install a wetroom, you’ll be improving your safety in the bathroom and keeping up with the latest ideas in bathroom design. Modern bathrooms can be both practical and luxurious. Long gone are the days when bathrooms for the elderly and disabled looked like old hospital bathrooms.

Lux Monaco Walk in Shower
Lux Monaco Alcove Walk in Shower

Shower seats

We’ve already explained the benefits of having a shower with a bench, however shower seats are becoming an increasingly popular addition to bathrooms of able bodied people too. They’re practical, offer an extra level of safety and assurance for bathers who are less steady on their feet, plus they’re a great way to rest your weary body after a hard day.

Open shelving

Many stylish bathrooms use open shelving and open-shelved vanity units as a way to display bath towels, toiletries and even the odd plant or two. However, if you’re the kind of person who tends to be a little messy, these may not be the best option for you. Also remember that they’ll need to be kept clean to look their best. While they can be a stylish design feature and can help to make items easily accessible, we’d always recommend that you do install a cupboard to hide the things you’d rather not display to the world.

Shower MixerWater saving taps and showerheads

If you’re having bathroom adaptations installed, why not consider changing some of your fixtures to water saving versions? Aerators can be fitted to taps and showerheads which help to reduce the amount of water used without losing pressure, plus water saving flushes can be fitted to toilets, so that you use less water when flushing.

Underfloor heating

While it’s important to use non-slip flooring in your bathroom if you’re a little unsteady on your feet, this doesn’t mean to say that it can’t be luxurious. Consider installing underfloor heating – not only will it keep your feet and the room warm, but it helps to cut down moisture and humidity.

And finally, if you want a colour scheme that reflects current trends, white is the way to go for fixtures, tiles and accessories. If all that seems a little too minimalistic, grey is also popular, with accent colours of purple, mauve, lilac and lavender. However, colours are very personal choices, so just ensure that you choose something that you love. After all, it is YOUR bathroom.

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