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Is a new bathroom really worth it?

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It’s important to think about the long term when deciding whether you want to spruce up, redesign or even completely rebuild your bathroom. Is a new bathroom really worth it?

Investing in home improvements can be a bit of a gamble. You’re staking your money, time and effort on uncertain returns – and that’s particularly true of functional spaces such as bathrooms. Fixtures and fittings need to be of a high enough specification to suit the job, and it can be hard to tell what trends will stand the test of time.

bathroom makeover, if done right, can add significantly to a property’s value. In a  feature for the Telegraph, property expert Phil Spencer noted that a new bathroom could add up to 3 per cent to the value of our homes if the space is well planned and practical.

And practical is the keyword – especially if you’re planning to continue living in your home for as long as possible. How do you balance what suits you today with improvements that will enable you to maintain your independence in the years to come?

Future-proof investments

Luckily it’s not an either-or decision. Splashing out on a new sanctuary spa bathroom that oozes boutique hotel style or a utility-chic, industrial-inspired washroom full of nostalgic charm is still an investment worth considering – providing the space is planned to be “future-proof”.

Some existing layouts don’t need much altering, but others do. Reconfiguring a downstairs layout to include a bathroom/shower room to suit people with limited mobility might seem a costly experience in the short term, but if it gives you extended years in the home that you love then it’s worth every penny.

More often than not, existing plumbing that might already serve a utility room or downstairs toilet is all that is needed. With a wealth of new products on the market you can make any space suit, no matter what its size and whether it is upstairs or down.

There are a wealth of options for creating a bathroom that satisfies on a practical level both now and the future, and looks beautiful too.

These enable you to enjoy independent use of the bathroom for longer, regardless of changes to age or mobility, with products modified to suit – such as slightly higher-level sanitaryware for ease of use, compact, walk-in shower baths, a range of walk-in/walk-through shower enclosures and wet rooms, and improved-accessibility storage and accessories featuring integrated mobility solutions.

It’s all designed to remove barriers to bathing and the range comes in a choice of modern and traditional styles to suit any home aesthetic. With solutions like these, no matter what your individual style, you can feel more certain that the cash you splash on a brand new bathroom now will pay dividends further into the future.

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