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Accessible Showers for the Elderly

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There are many parts of life that the majority of us take for granted, and one of these is the ability to get in and out of the shower whenever we wish. This can become more of a problem as we age, as our mobility and balance may suffer, and we might not be able to stand up for long periods of time as we would have done when we were younger. If this is an issue for you, or for someone you love, then you may be interested in having an accessible shower fitted – as this means that you are able to shower whenever you like, in a safe and convenient way.

How are the showers accessible?

One of the key things to do with regards to accessibility is to remove any kind of step up from the bathroom floor. This can help for those who are less able to lift their legs, and also means that the shower can be used in a wheelchair if this is something that is needed. A wet room can be the ideal solution for this, as it means that the whole of the room can be used, giving individuals plenty of room to move around whenever required.

How can balance and agility be addressed?

Once you’re in the shower, it’s important that it can then be used to its best possible effect. With this being the case, there are a number of additions that could be put in and around the shower to help. A great thing to have is a seat, as this means that there is no need to remain standing, and the shower can be angled to point at the seat. There is also the option of having grab bars added to the walls, so that it is much easier to move around the shower when needed, and also to get in and out. Ideally, a shower will have a seat that lifts up, so that others can use it too, as this means that it will be suitable for the whole family.

In case of emergency

A large part of accessible showers is having the peace of mind that if something does go wrong, help can be called quickly and efficiently. There is always the option of having an emergency cord fitted, and this is popular in many installations, as it means that you can pull it if you suffer a fall or some other emergency, and help will be brought to you as soon as possible.

Retaining your independence

Everybody wants to be able to look after themselves as much as possible, but if you have reduced mobility then this may be something that you find more difficult than before. With the features that come with an accessible shower, this means that you will be able to achieve all parts of showering on your own for much longer, which can improve your quality of life a lot. It’s astonishing that something so simple can be taken for granted – but with the right installation you can be sure that you will always have access to your shower.

The best thing to do if you feel as though this could be of benefit to you or someone you love is to get in touch with an expert. They will be able to give you the best help and advice with regards to what is possible in the space that you have available, and this means that you can have the best installation for your needs. When you consider the difference this can make to your quality of life, there’s no reason to delay.

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