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Carers neglect own health

elderly carers

More than half of Britain’s unpaid carers are so involved in looking after loved ones they let their own health problems go untreated.

Those providing care for 50 hours or more a week are twice as likely to be in poor health than non-carers.

Whilst caring can be very rewarding, without the correct support it can affect health, career, relationships and finances, leaving many feeling isolated and stressed.

It is vital for carers to have the support they need to stay healthy and connected with others – and to know that their own health and wellbeing needs matter as well.

More than 6.5 million people in the UK are unpaid carers, looking after a parent, partner, child or friend.

One big issue many face is finding ways for their loved one to bathe safely.

Introducing bathing aids, such as a belted bath lift, or a reclining chair, can help them to wash independently with confidence and reduce the worry for the carer.

Installing a stylish easy-access shower is also another effective option. Some have half height doors so that a carer can lend a hand, plus safety features such as grab rails, slip resistant flooring, seating and thermostatic controls.

Those who prefer bathing might like to think about a walk-in bath with either an air spa or a water whirlpool system fitted. The health benefits of these are well documented, or you can just use to relax and massage away the aches of the day.

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