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How to give your elderly relatives more confidence in their home

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If you have an elderly relative, you may be aware that their confidence in being able to take care of themselves has dropped – and this is even more likely to be the case if they have suffered a fall recently. With this in mind, you may be thinking about ways in which you could boost their confidence, and there are many ways in which you can do this. We have given you some great tips, which will mean that your loved one can live happily in their own home for as long as possible.

Make sure they are able to communicate

Many elderly people are not up to date with technology, and this means that all of the things that we take for granted may not be available for them. Instead, buying a simple mobile phone that only deals with calls could be a good option. Ensure that they know exactly how to use it, and make sure that it is charged up so that it never gets to the stage where it runs out of battery. This means that they will be able to phone you if they need you, or even if they just feel as though they would like a conversation.

Make an emergency cord or button accessible

If your loved one has suffered a fall in the past, there is a large chance that they will be nervous about something like this happening again. For this reason, you should always do your best to give them emergency access when needed. There are companies who can provide devices that can be worn around the neck, and this means that if your loved one should ever suffer a fall, they will be able to press the button that calls for help, without having to worry about getting to a phone.

Keep them fit where possible

Although running a marathon may feel like something that is out of reach once you get to a certain age, it is still important to do as much as you are able. This means that when you visit your loved one, they should be encouraged to get up and go for a walk, even if this is around the garden, or to the end of the driveway. Walking in this way can help to improve confidence a lot, along with physical fitness.

Keep everything in reach

There are many places where things can be stored in a house, however it is vital that all important items are kept in reach, so that your loved one will be able to get hold of them whenever they need them. This can help a lot, as your relative may worry about not being able to get something, even if the chances of them needing that particular item are low. By making sure that everything that is vital can be reached safely, your loved one will be able to have the confidence that they are not in need of anything.

Overall, confidence is incredibly important, but even more so when an individual is trying to be independent in later years. These tips can help a lot, and this means that life will be much more enjoyable for everyone concerned.

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