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Keeping Fit As You Get Older

elderly lady at gym

It’s a fact that as we get older our physical abilities are going to diminish – albeit only slowly – but there will come a time when we are unable to undertake the punishing physical activities that we might have done in our youth. For example, not very many 60-year-olds are going to be seen on the rugby pitch or doing the London Marathon.

However, it is still a great idea to stay as fit as possible and keep in shape and there are plenty of ways for older people to do this.

Ways to keeping fit as you age


One of the simplest is good old-fashioned walking. 30 minutes walking every day will serve to provide sufficient exercise for most people. There is no need to walk fast: you can just go for a stroll. Walking gets you out of the house and out into the fresh air. You can enjoy the flowers and trees in other people’s gardens. If you have a dog, so much the better as all dog lovers will stop to have a chat.

You will need to take a dog for a walk in any event if you have one, but if you live in a town it’s a great idea to get in the car once a week and take a trip out into the countryside for a walk in the fields, down by the river bank, or among the trees in woodland.


Swimming is another sport that can help you keep fit and yet takes the pain off aging bones and joints. Some community pools have aquafit classes of exercises, while others have warm pools and hot tubs.

Bowling is a fun activity and can be either indoors, or in warmer weather outdoors on the green. Most towns have a bowling green. The game can be very competitive, with teams travelling to play teams in other towns and cities across the country.

Dance Classes

Dancing is another idea. Back in the day, we all used to go to dance classes above the Gaumont or Odeon cinemas and since the advent of “Strictly” on TV, dancing of that style has come back into fashion. You will find dance classes for older adults and seniors in many towns. It keeps you fit and you get to meet different people. There is a dance class specifically for senior citizens called Zumba Gold.

Older men may like to join the Town Shed. This idea began in North London only in 2012, but has been rapidly adopted by other towns across the country. Members undertake all sorts of activities such as woodworking, metalworking, and providing services to the community such as gardening in public spaces, and planting flowers and trees.

Tennis And Badminton

Tennis and badminton can be played indoors or out and you will usually find that there are senior leagues somewhere close to you. You could also play table tennis.

For the more able there are always golf and biking. You get to do a lot of walking when playing golf, but there is no rush. You only walk slowly. Getting on a bike can be fun as you can go a lot farther than you can just walking somewhere, and you can always get off it and push it if you come to a steep hill.

Boating can be great fun in the summer. Sure, it’s easy to sit in a motor boat, but if you want to keep fit why not try kayaking? Fly fishing is also a sport where there is quite a lot of physical activity involved in constantly casting and retrieving the fly while often standing in a river.

As you can see, there are plenty of activities available for older adults and seniors, so go and take a look around your area. You’re sure to find something of interest.

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