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With 95% of people who use aids and adaptations finding they have a positive effect on their quality of life, it’s important not to miss out.
A new report by Arthritis Research UK also shows that 79% of respondents say aids and adaptations improve their ability to be independent, helping them to avoid falls and injury.

Bathing can be quite a trial when you are living with Arthritis, especially on bad days. Many people opt for a walk-in shower as they are faster to use, and easier on the joints. Drop-down seating means you don’t have to stand, whilst a grab bar and slip-resistant flooring help to keep you steady.
However, some people like a good soak in the bath because it can ease joints, thus relieving pain.

Upright walk-in baths usually have built in seating and a grab bar, along with lever taps and a thermostat that controls water temperature.
The benefits of a soak in the bath are well documented, and with a walk-in bath can still be achieved.

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