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Remember the Elderly this Christmas

Christmas is a great time for young families and people with lots of family and friends. But for some Christmas can be a horrible time of year especially if you live on your own or have no family. Millions of people will be dreading the thought of a cold and lonely time this Christmas. With the decline in marriage, more and more young and middle aged people are living alone so many will be dreading Christmas. The most vulnerable are the elderly. Winter can be a dangerous time for the elderly and Christmas gives them the added sadness of remembering those they have lost. According to AgeUK an elderly person dies every seven minutes from the cold. With energy prices high, pensions tight, it is not a great prospect for the millions of elderly living alone this coming Christmas.

If you are dreading Christmas this year whether you are young, middle aged or old, there are things you can do to make it more bearable. For the young and middle aged doing something to help the less fortunate would be very rewarding and make for an enjoyable Christmas. There are many charities crying out for volunteers every Christmas.  Community Christmas http://communitychristmas.org.uk/ is a great organisation which helps local communities put on events and spread the word. They believe that no elderly person in the UK should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be and are working hard to make it happen. They have a great website where you can search for events over Christmas local to you. You could search and offer yourself as a volunteer or if there is nothing going on set up an event yourself. Community Christmas will help you do just this.

If you know elderly people living in your road, why not pop round and ask if there is anything you can help with. Ask them what their plans are for Christmas and if they would like to go somewhere. If you have space why not invite them round for dinner or if they would prefer to be with other people in a similar situation do a search on the Community Christmas website for them. Check their living environment and ask if its safe and if there is anything you can look into for them.  Perhaps they need a new boiler or some rooms made safer.  Ask about their family and get an understanding of who if anyone can help.  If they are completely alone then  charities such as AgeUK (http://www.ageuk.org.uk) or Eldercare Locator (www.eldercare.gov) can help.

Some elderly people may still have family but live miles away. Find out if they have the ability to Skype and if so whether you can help set this up for them. They may well have seen the advert where the elderly learn to Skype but are just to afraid to even consider it. Maybe they just haven’t got a computer. Whatever the reason a little helping hand might be all they need.

Christmas is the perfect time for charity so this year, why not go that extra mile and see if there is something you can do for the elderly in your community. As well as helping them you will also be doing yourself some good. Doing good deeds and thoughtful things for people is very rewarding and gives you great feeling of fulfillment which money cannot buy. Also remember we will all be old one day if we are lucky, so let’s get some karma stirring and remember and help out where we can with the millions of older people living on their own this Christmas.

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