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“What-if” worries can be eased by practical action

elderly carers

Have you heard of the term “caregiver fear?”

This refers to the kind of ”What if?” questions that carers often ask themselves as they worry about what will happen to their loved one and how their own lives might change.

Questions such as “What if they don’t get better?” can be frightening, and it isn’t unusual for the uncertainty to wake up the carer at night and keep their stomach churning all day.

When it comes to fear, developing an action plan can help with the feeling that you have no control over the situation.  Write down all your concerns and ask yourself what you need and who can help.  Make the list smaller by deleting those things that are less likely to happen.  Then think about practical actions you can take, such as providing some in-homecare.

If you are worried about a loved one having a fall, for example, you could make some modifications to the home, such as installing an easy access shower.

This can help, as bathrooms aren’t always user-friendly for everyone. As anyone with mobility issues will confirm, they are often designed for looks alone.

Simple tasks, such as showering, can be difficult, even risky, for bathers, carers and family members.  Yet the latest easy access designs mean that a shower can still provide an invigorating, refreshing and safe start to the day.

A walk-in shower with a low level tray provides a very small step.  This reduces the risks of tripping, making entering and exiting the shower safer.  Top ensure extra safety and comfort; the shower trays are slip resistant.  Screens are made of high-quality tempered safety glass, while water systems run at a safe, constant temperature, and also stay cool to the touch.

A discreet and modern –looking grab rail offers security when getting in and out of the shower, while easy clean paneling helps eliminate mold and makes cleaning simple.

High quality materials are used to create a comfortable shower seat that blends beautifully with the satin chrome shine of the fixtures and finishes.

For those with mobility issues, a shower of this type offers ease of use and far less risk, without any sacrifice of style and comfort.  Most of all, it means there is one less thing for carers and loved ones to worry about.


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