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Would a walk in bath or shower help me?

disabled shower wheelchair access

Investing in a walk in bath or shower can seem like a big upheaval to your home and bathroom, but it’s one that can help you in the present and for years to come.

disabled shower wheelchair access

If mobility is becoming more than a just worry but a real life problem for you, then its a smart idea to invest in something that will ease both your aches and pains- and your mind.

Choosing either a walk in bath or shower depends on what your needs are.

If you’re having difficulties bending, stretching and would have problems with sitting, then a walk in shower is a good choice for you (Most are even equipped with a seat giving a choice of whether to stand or sit). If your bathroom space is limited, then a walk in shower is the ideal utility to equip your bathroom to attend to your personal hygiene needs.

A walk in bath is a choice for those who have a bigger bathroom space  and have found difficulties in climbing in and out of a bath tub, a walk in bath will have door access taking away the need to clamber over your tub, making your bath time even easier. A walk in bath can remove any worries about falling or slipping, leaving you with the stress free mind to relax and take pleasure in having a therapeutic bath, as any danger of injuring yourself is taken away. Another positive of a walk in bath is not only for yourself, but if you’re someone who relies on outside care (or may in need care in the future) then a walk in bath takes away the obstacles of having to use bath chairs, hoists and other assistive technology.

Accessories can also factor into making your bathroom disabled friendly and to your personal taste. Handles, levers and other extras can be included and bought to help you in making your time in your bathroom as easy and safe as possible. Many may even include added extras such as special feature like massage jets and lighting, making the walk in bath and shower seem less like a mobility helper and more like a luxury appliance!

It’s important to take into account how this change will impact your house value, if there is a chance this house is not your forever home then at some point the bathroom may have to changed back to how it was. Taking a look at whether or not your new facility fits within a usual space of an ordinary bath or shower may make the change back easier if it is ever needed.

With all this taken on board there seems no reason not to take the plunge and make the change to your bathroom!

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