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Soak or shower?  Its your choice!

Low Level Easy Access WalkInShowers

Walk-in bath or shower – which makes the best choice as a safer bathing solution?

A walk-in bath, accessed by a door with a low step, is very relaxing to soak in, and can help to ease joint conditions such as arthritis.  With an added whirlpool spa or air spa, these benefits are multiplied.

The latest baths have fast fill taps, and fast draining plugs, so you are not waiting a long time for it to fill and empty.  There are sizes to fit bathrooms both large and small.

Choose a bath if you have problems with balance, experience joint pain and want to relax your muscles, or there are children in the house who need one.

The new assisted bathing range also has a variety of options to help get the less mobile of us into and out of the bath.  The Tessmi is the most popular, looking quite unobtrusive, but having an integral seat to aid getting up and down in a full length bath.  The Tessmi can also be fitted with an air spa to enhance the benefits of a soak.

For speed and ease, walk-in showers are hard to beat.  Half-height doors, wider frames and low trays make them very accessible, so they are a great choice if you find it hard to get in and out of a standard bath.

A shower can normally sit in the footprint of the old tub, otherwise the bathroom layout can be changed slightly.

With the addition of a shower seat, and strategically placed grab rails, and an anti-slip shower tray, a shower can become a reality for those who are a bit unsteady on their feet.

A full wet-room is also an option.  With no steps into the shower area, a wheelchair or other walking aids can be taken into the shower area safely.  With anti-slip flooring throughout the wet-room, this  reduces the chances of a slip or fall.

Showers and wet-rooms are ideal for the rest of the  family who will also use the bathroom.  They are less prominent, and can look exceptionally stylish, almost like your own boutique hotel bathroom.

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