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Using a bathroom when you have any kind of handicap can be a challenge, and with this being true you may decide that you would like to make some changes to a bathroom on behalf of a loved one who is struggling at the moment. Using the bathroom alone is one of the main things that people can struggle with when it comes to losing their independence, however by making some changes this problem can be solved, meaning that your loved one can once again enjoy using their bathroom without having to be concerned. If you are trying to think about changes that you could make in this respect at the moment, our team have plenty of tips that we can offer to you when it comes to handicap bathroom design, meaning that you will be able to make a start with making changes that will improve the life of your loved one in the future.

Imagine using the bathroom as your loved one

By far the best way to come up with ideas for handicap bathroom design is to think about what it would be like to be your loved one trying to do certain tasks in the bathroom. It might help to ask them to walk you through their routine, to allow you to see what they need to do, and the various things that they might be finding a bit of a struggle with the bathroom that they have at the moment. Once you have done this, you will know exactly which issues need to be solved, and this will therefore mean that you are able to work to address each of these issues, to make life a lot easier for your loved one.

Think about a total redesign

If your loved one has recently become handicapped, then the bathroom that they have in place at the moment may no longer be fit for purpose. This means that they might be in need of a complete handicap bathroom remodel, including all of the things that would help them to live their life as independently as possible, and in the best way that they can. It may help to ask a professional to come in and make a plan for the room, as they will know exactly how to make the most of each bit of space. You may find that where certain fittings are at the moment is not the best place for them, and your loved one could benefit from them being moved around completely. Although it might seem like turning it into a bigger job than you had hoped for, it is more than worth it when you take into account the results that you would gain in the long term.

The small things can make the biggest difference

When it comes to handicap bathroom ideas, there are lots of things that can make things much easier. One thing that you should think about right from the start is how your loved one is going to move around their bathroom, and installing grab bars into the room is a good place to start. You should watch how your loved one can move around, and this will give you the hints that you need to know exactly where these bars need to be placed. You should always be careful that they are placed at exactly the right height, as it could be dangerous if they are either too low or too high for your loved one to use comfortably as they move around the room.

The next thing that you need to think about is whether they are likely to slip as they are walking around. The floor covering that you choose can make a big difference to this, and at the very least you should include some non slip mats at various points around the bathroom. This could include where they would step out of the bath tub or the shower, in front of the toilet, and also in front of the sink, as there is always the chance that water could spill while the sink was in use. Lots of falls in the home happen because of spilt water, and this means that adding these mats could be making the property a great deal safer for your loved one, which of course can only be a good thing.

Another thing that you should consider is any clutter that might be in the room. Where possible, you should make sure that all of the floor is as clear as possible, as this means that there will be nothing to trip over. When a handicap individual is living alone, it can often help to hire a cleaner, as this means that they could keep all areas clear at all times, which therefore means that they would have nothing that they could possibly trip over. Any item, no matter how small, could turn out to be a hazard, and this means that it is well worth checking on a daily basis to make sure that not only is the bathroom clear, but also the route to the bathroom, as this can help to avoid injury.

Provided that you take the tips into account that we have provided above, there is no reason that you should not be able to create a bathroom that your handicap relative will be able to use with ease. If you are not entirely sure that you have thought of everything, it could be a good idea to ask a professional to come and take a look, as this means that they would be able to confirm that all is well, and that the living space is now optimal for your loved one. Caring for somebody with a disability can cause you a lot of worry in the long term, and considering the fact that changing their bathroom in this way can make things much safer for them in their daily life, you should find that the changes are more than worth it for your peace of mind.

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