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Invigorate (Parker) Bathtub

Invigorate Bath - Independent Range

Invigorate Bathtub – Independent Range

Ultra efficient reclining bath system. Designed to accommodate a diverse range of bathers needs, including those with more challenging conditions. The Invigorate ‘Parker’ bath offers a versatile, ultra-efficient bathing solution. The reclining bathing system and moulded seat help to improve postural control, enhancing bathing comfort and delivering the optimum blend of functionality and performance. The vertical raising, side entry door also ensures easy-access for bathers, making transfers safer and simpler. With its quick fill technology and low water usage, it reduces time between refills.

Parker Bathtub

The first Parker Bath was designed and constructed in the late 1920s. The concept was born when a yacht builder Roy Parker and a friend were discussing the lack of suitable baths for the disabled and elderly. Roy modified a mould of a small dinghy and added a side opening door. He then placed the bathtub on a pivot so the bath could easily recline backwards and forwards. The Parker Bath and Parker Baths company was born.

Due to the success of the Parker Bath throughout the 80’s and 90’s Roy developed other assisted bath models as well as shower cubicles. Over the years the Parker Bath has evolved through a number of design and modifications to suit the global market. The original company changed from Parker Baths to Parker Bath Developments before it changed again to The Parker Bath Company which incorporated the Oxford Hoist Company. This company was sold to Sunrise Medical in 1995 and in 2000 Sunrise Medical sold on the bathing division to Getinge which is the parent company of Arjo.

Today versions of the bath looks much more aesthetically pleasing. It has a higher back support and built in thermostatic valves.