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Busy time for grandparents


The school holidays are here – and for the army for UK grandparents that means six busy weeks ahead as they help their children with child care over the summer holidays.

Up to two-thirds will look after grandchildren at some stage in the coming weeks, and some selfless seniors will put in as many as 600 hours over the summer holidays – worth thousands of pounds in salary terms.  Nine out of ten will shell out for treats, such as swimming trips or visiting an attraction.  Many are asked along on family summer holidays – but usually to share childcare, so that parents can enjoy a well-earned break.

According to the latest research, millions of working mothers rely on dedicated grandparents to help out year-round, saving an average of £1,786 in childcare costs per child.  This amounts to as much as a massive £16 billion saved each year.

57% of grandparents report they feel completely exhausted at times.  Hectic days on the trail of toddlers or demanding pre-teens can leave you feeling hot and ready for a refreshing and relaxing wash.  So if you are tired of your old high-sided shower bath, why not set the ball rolling and order one of the latest walk-in showers or baths.

Walk-in showers now look sleek and elegant, but conceal some clever safety features that can future-proof your bathing for years ahead.  These include low entry, designer grab rails, drop-down seating, thermostatic controls and slip-resistant flooring.  It’s a lot safer for the younger members of the family as well.

Another option is a walk-in bath.  The benefits of bathing are well documented, but there is no need to lose that luxury as you get older.  Walk-in baths have a low entry step, some even have an integral seat to enable you to sit and soak.  Others have air spa and whirlpool facilities, and can also have chromotherapy lights fitted for added health benefits.

So whether you are looking forward to weeks of fun, or feeling slightly daunted by the prospect of several tiny terrors tearing round your home, you can escape to your bathroom for a nice relaxing shower, or bath, and refresh yourself for the next round of fun and games.



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