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When you have the responsibility of caring for an elderly relative, whether that is full time or going in to visit them on occasion, there are many things that you will need to take into account in order to make sure that they can stay safe at all times. One thing that you can do is to invest in some home safety products for them, as this can mean that they are much better able to remain safe within their property. We have put together a great selection of choices for you, meaning that no matter what issues your elderly relative may have, they will be able to improve their quality of life a lot.

  • Anti-slip pads for rugs
  • Corner protectors
  • Sofa and chair boosters
  • Motion sensor lights
  • A stair lift
  • Cable tidies
  • Grab bars and rails
  • A low sink with lever taps
  • A cordless phone
  • Anti-slip slippers or shoes


Anti-slip pads for rugs

If your relative likes to have rugs in their home, it is important that they are not going to slip from under them when they stand on them. To help with this, you are able to purchase anti-slip pads that you can put under rugs. This will mean that the rugs stay in place, therefore reducing the chance of falls. It is also important to make sure that the rugs are still flat to the floor, as rugs with slightly raised edges can be a slipping hazard. This is also a key addition for the bathroom if there are bath mats in there, as anti-slip options can certainly be a lot safer.

Corner protectors

Many items in the home can have sharp corners, and this could be dangerous in any situation where your relative was victim to a fall. To help with this, you can purchase attachments that you can put on the edges of your furniture in order to soften the corners, and this means that there is a much lesser chance of injury if any kind of fall should take place.

Sofa and chair boosters

Sitting down and standing up can be a problem in later years, however there is no need to buy an entirely new sofa with this in mind. Instead, you have the option of buying leg boosters that you can attach to the bottom of your sofa, and this will raise the total height. This means that there isn’t as far to drop down when sitting down, and standing up out of the chair will be made much easier too, so there is no doubt that these are a great investment.

Motion sensor lights

It can be difficult to feel and reach for a light switch when you enter a room, and it can also be dangerous to try and walk around a room if you are unable to see. To help deal with this issue, a selection of motion sensor lights could help. You can either set them up to switch on when a door is opened, or when motion is detected, which means that the necessary light will be automatic. There is also the option of a smart home setup, where lights can be turned on by voice activation, as this can be done from anywhere in the room when needed.

A stair lift

Climbing stairs can be tricky, and over time there is no doubt that this is something that can get much harder. With this being true, a stair lift could be a fantastic addition to the property. This would mean that the journey upstairs will be easy and comfortable, with no worries about running out of energy or tripping half way up. There are many designs of stair lift that you can choose from, which means that you can certainly find one that will be ideal for your property.

Cable tidies

Depending on how many appliances are in the property, you may find that there are often a lot of cables lying around, and this is something that can pose a huge risk when it comes to tripping. Cable tidies are a great option, as it means that all loose cables can be held together, without having to worry about them being tripped over at any point. This can make a big difference, and can completely remove a huge risk from the property.

Grab bars and rails

Moving around the house may be difficult, and this means that it is always important to have something solid to hold onto at all times. This is something that is particularly important if you are in the kitchen and bathroom, but there is no reason that rails cannot be installed throughout the property to help mobility. These are an incredibly simple addition to the property, yet they could make life much easier overall.

A low sink with lever taps

Standing at a sink is something that can be very tiring, no matter whether you are in the kitchen or the bathroom, and with this being the case it is a good idea to have a sink installed that you could use while sitting down. This may mean lowering the sink a little, and installing lever taps is another thing that could make it much easier – as twisting regular taps can be difficult, and could cause balance to be lost in some cases.

A cordless phone

Having access to communication is key, and with this in mind a cordless phone is a great thing to have in the home. It is important that your relative knows how they can charge this phone, as this means that it will not run out of power. In addition, clothing should always be worn so that there is a pocket for the phone to be held in, as this means that it will be accessible at all times, in case of emergency.

Anti-slip slippers or shoes

Whatever your loved one wears while walking around the house should be anti-slip. Ideally, they will wear slippers or shoes, but if they do not like wearing these things in the house then anti-slip socks – similar to bed socks – can be used as an alternative. This can help to reduce the chances of slipping, which will improve safety a lot.

The ideas above can certainly put your mind at ease when it comes to the safety of your loved one in their own home. There are definitely many steps that you can take to make things both easier and safer for them, and not only can this help to retain their independence, but it can also reduce the worries that you may have – so there is no doubt that many of these ideas are worth thinking about.


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