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Elderly Woman Stuck in Bath

Last month the BBC News reported how an elderly woman was stuck in the bath for four days and was only was rescued by a waitress who realised she had not come in for her usual lunch and wine.

This wouldn’t have happened if she had bought a walk in bath from us!

The 87 year old woman was a Doreen Mann from Southend. About 4 times a week she would visit the same restaurant Tomassi’s, in Southend High Street, for her usual slice of cake and glass of wine. She said it was like her second home. She was last seen on the Wednesday, but one of the restaurant workers was worried when she didn’t turn up on Saturday or the following Monday. The restaurant worker Sonia Congrave called the police and asked them to check on her. This was the game changer. The police went around and found her in the bath covered with towels and a robe. Doreen said she had gone for a bath at 9.30 and couldn’t get out. She drank water from the tap and kept filling the bath with hot water to keep her warm before stopping and covering herself with towels and a robe. If it hadn’t been for Sonia, Doreen might not still be here today

Mrs Mann described Ms Congrave as an “angel”. Ms Congrave has since bought her a mobile for emergencies and also planning to pop round to Mrs Manns to help her get in and out of the bath. Mrs Mann told a reporter that something kept telling her to keep calm, which she did and eventually was found.

This whole episode wouldn’t have happened if she brought a walk in bath from us. These are exactly the situations that can be avoided with our walk in baths.

Ms Congrave said she now planned to pop round to Mrs Mann’s to help her in and out of the bath.
She has also bought her a mobile telephone for emergencies.

You can read the story on the bbc new website here.

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