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The John Glenn Bathroom Story


John Glenn’s groundbreaking career as an astronaut made him an American hero and an inspiration to people around the globe. As the pilot of Mercury Friendship 7, John Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth. He became a national hero and a symbol of American ambition.

Lt. Col. John Glenn, Americas first orbiting Spaceman, slipped getting into his bath and suffered a serious injury to his inner ear.  It happened almost two years to the day after his dramatic feat made him the Lindbergh of our era.

Glenn’s fall and the reasons why have cropped up in the press all over the world.  He had just finished shaving and replaced his razor in the medicine chest, turned around to lift his leg and get into the bath and slipped. He was standing on a bath rug that covered the tiled floor and as he grabbed the bath panel he realized he was slipping.  As he began to fall his head started to spin, there was a dizziness and on his way down he hit his head on the edge of the bath very hard. His ear started to bleed, and any sudden movement of his head brought dizziness and nausea.

It lasted for over 6 months.  Glenn lost over 20 lbs in weight and grew pale and weak before he started recovering.

How could the fall and subsequent injury have occurred to a man who had been in space?  Did he get dizzy because of the fall or was it the fall that made him dizzy.

It was important for him to find the answers but in his own words ‘How did this happen? As an Astronaut I was very fit and suddenly brought down to earth with a serious knock to the head that gave me severe repercussions’.

80% of all household accident to the over 60’s happen in the Bathroom. Please do not become another statistic.

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