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There’s more going on in our showers!

disabled wet room modern design

More than 60% of us bathe or shower at least once a day.  And we typically spend between 7 or 8 minutes in the shower.

But there’s often more going on than just washing.  According to a recent survey 16% of UK adults shave, 13% listen to music, 10% sing and 7% brush their teeth.  Some even check their phones, watch TV, or enjoy a drink in the shower.

Showering is one of the most invigorating ways to get going in the morning, or wind down after a long day.  In fact, 40% say they shower for leisure purposes, enjoying the relaxation and escape from reality.

It’s a routine we can enjoy for many years to come with a bit of  forward planning.

Easy Access

An easy access shower can look very stylish but still be practical. Helpful safety features, such as seating and grab rails, mean you can continue to wash with confidence.  These can be unobtrusive and very modern looking.  Modern easy access showers add the feeling of space in the shower, meaning the whole family can still use the shower.

The floor of the shower can be slip resistant, adding even more confidence if you are a little unsteady on your feet.  The shower tray can be set as low as possible to make getting in and out less problematic.

If you go for a full wet room, this eliminates the need for a raised shower tray, and the bather can just walk into the shower, or even use a wheelchair for access.  The flooring is slip resistant, and comes in a wide variety of stylish yet functional colours.

Walls can be cladded for a chic yet practical finish, and this can be done over existing tiles, so it is a lot cleaner and quicker.  This adds to the opulent feel of a wet room, but can also be added to a shower for a touch of luxury.

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