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Discount bathroom Installs

Reclining Bath Lift

Reclining bath liftOur reclining bath lift makes relaxing in the bath easier and safer.

The quick release system means that it can be easily removed, consequently leaving your bath clear for other users. Once the bath seat is lowered down into the bath, the back rest reclines allowing you to relax in your bath whilst still being fully supported.

For use with our Mayfair Walk in Bath range.

Mayfair Walk in Bath






Bath Belt Lift

The bath lift belt is powered by a by 24Volt transformer.  It is situated outside the bathroom therefore eliminating electrical connection to the mains when in use. It is very simple to use, with a touch of a button, the bath lift will lower you to the bottom of your bath.

The seating belt can then be retracted back into the wall mounted unit.  As a result, it can be easily retracted for other bath users. The bath belt will make getting in and out of the bath effortless.

bath belt lift  bath belt lift