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Walk In Shower Designs For Small Bathrooms

Mr Coot Bathroom after Installation

One of the biggest problems when you move home can often be a smaller bathroom than you would wish.

Everything else is perfect. The size of the home, the location, the view, the three, four or more bedrooms, the size of the garden, the double garage. It’s just perfect.

Except for the small size of the bathroom.

So you think to yourself that you’ll cross that problem when you come to it, because everything else is as you want it.

Of course, you may not even be moving home. It’s just that the home you are in is fine – except for the size of the bathroom!

One way or another, many of us suffer from a small bathroom. It is almost as though the architect who designed the home only remembered to add a bathroom as an afterthought, despite the fact that we use the bathroom every single day, and often many times a day. It is reasonable to assume that many of us use the bathroom, particularly if it includes the toilet, more than we do the kitchen.

What Can We Do?

So what can we do about washing and showering in a bathroom which is not as large as we would wish? This requires some thought, but fortunately there are a number of answers.

One idea for a walk in shower design for small bathrooms is to position the shower in the corner giving it what some describe as a neo-angled base, which effectively means that perhaps a foot or so of the shower glass front protrudes from one wall while the same applies to the other wall at 90°, and the main entrance is at 45° between the two. This reduces a considerable amount of the bathroom space that would be taken up by a walk in shower that is square or rectangular, but nonetheless provides plenty of space inside the shower itself.

There is still the same amount of room on either of the two walls inside the shower to fit a bench and/or small shelving to hold toiletries, shampoos, and so on. While on the subject, a bench in a shower is a boon not only for the elderly, but for anyone who doesn’t want to stand in the shower and would prefer to sit.

Lightest Possible Colours

Another way of creating a walk in shower for a small bathroom and making the room appear larger than it is would be to consider using the lightest possible colours. All right, maybe white is not very imaginative, although it will reflect the most light, but colours such as magnolia for the walls, and/or tiles that are mostly white but with a pattern will also reflect light. Another idea is to use floor tiles for the bathroom itself and then use them in the walk in shower as well, which gives a visual link between the room and the shower and again adds to the impression of the room being larger than it actually is.

Of course, if the shower is your preferred way of washing, then another thing would be to dismiss the idea of a bathtub completely. A bathtub takes up space and also requires further space to the side of it so that you can get out of it and dry yourself in comfort. In most cases the amount of area required is as much again as the length and width of the bath, whereas you can get away with far less area needed to dry when stepping out of the shower.

When designing a walk in shower for a small bathroom, another thing to consider is mirrors. A mirror or two will serve two functions. One is for the obvious necessity of looking at ourselves as we shave, put on makeup, comb our hair, clean our teeth, and perform all the other normal bathroom functions, but at the same time a mirror, or mirrors, will reflect a considerable amount of light, giving that welcome appearance of the bathroom being considerably larger than it actually is.

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