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More than 60% of us bathe or shower at least once a day, and we will typically spend between 6 and 7 minutes in the shower, with those over 55 spending on average 5 minutes and 46 seconds showering.   However, there’s often more going on than just washing, with 16% shaving in the shower, 13% listening to music, 10% singing and 7% brushing their teeth.  Some even check their phones, watch TV or enjoy a drink!

Meanwhile the infamous shower vs bath debate rumbles on, with 64% of adults preferring showers and 23% choosing a bath, with 11% having no preference.

It is one of the most invigorating ways to get going in the morning, or wind down after a long day.  In fact, 40% say they shower for leisure reasons, enjoying the relaxation and escape from reality.

It’s easy to take these  everyday tasks for granted before your mobility is reduced.  But these daily tasks can become like second nature again when you invest in a walk-in shower, or bath.  Making the bathroom safer earlier, rather than later, means you can do the changes in your own time, rather than having to splash out on big alterations later in life.

For speed and ease, walk-in showers are hard to beat.  Half-height doors, wider frames and low trays, make them very accessible.  A shower can usually sit in the footprint of the old bath tub.  Stepping into a shower with level access, or a very low level tray, is so much easier than taking a risky clamber over the side of a bath that could result in a fall if your balance is not ideal.

A shower seat and adjustable shower head allow for bathing whilst seated, and a grab rail  can be chosen for its style as well as its function.

The water is kept at a safe, constant temperature by thermostatic controls, and slip-resistant flooring also helps to keep you steady.

These easy access showers make all the difference to safety and confidence.  An easy access shower can look very stylish – and as you grow older you won’t have to worry about climbing in or out of the bath or shower, so you can continue to wash with confidence.

A walk-in bath is ideal for those who enjoy a rejuvenating soak to relieve aches and pains. Having a bath 5 or more times a week could help to prevent a heart attack or stroke, say Japanese researchers.  The study found that a regular dip in the tub reduces the chances of hardened , blocked arteries.

All walk-in baths have a door in the side, making stepping into the bath almost as easy as getting into the shower.  There are baths with whirlpool spas, air jets, light therapy, and there are also space-saver ones for small bathrooms.

Choose a bath if you have issues with balance, experience joint pain, or even have children in the house who need to use the bath.

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