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Bathrooms for wheelchair users

wheelchair accessible bathroom

Safety is one of the main concerns when it comes to designing a bathroom for wheelchair users.  The bathroom is known to be a dangerous environment and most common for slips and falls. Accommodating homes for wheelchair use is on the rise as more people with age related challenges choose to live independently in their homes.  The challenge for any bathroom installation company is to design a bathroom that is a safe practical and stylish space the whole family can enjoy.

This is what we do here at WISAB.  We know all the right questions to ask in order to ascertain the best bathroom design.  Asking the correct questions is paramount to understanding the user’s capabilities and needs.  Quite often the needs are unique to an individual and their family situation.

Some of the questions we would ask include:

  1. Do you want a bathtub, shower or both?
  2. What bathroom activities require a user to need assistance?
  3. What activities does a user do independently?
  4. Will a user’s condition deteriorate therefore needs change in the future?
  5. Will the user need a carer for bathroom activities one day?
  6. Are there any special equipment or medical supplies needing correct placement?

Luckily today there is no need to compromise on style.  Wheelchair users have the option of stylish wet rooms or bathtubs which are perfect for the whole family like our Lux St Tropez wet-room below: The door can be made wider to accommodate wheelchair access.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom

Bathtub, shower or both?

Those wanting just a bathtub will find our Independent Bathing range the best on the marketing.  We have the Tessmi bathtub which comes with an easy access door and built in powered seat.

Tessmi Bathtub - Independent range

Our Superior, Embrace and Sensory bathtubs are full height adjustable.

It is important to ascertain the user’s future needs because if a condition is likely to deteriorate then different solutions will be suggested. If a carer is going to be needed in the future then we might suggest our split screen shower as this will allow a carer to help with bathing without getting wet themselves.


silver wet roomThe trick to getting a wheelchair accessible bathroom design right is about getting the right products and accessories installed in the correct places.  Grab bars for instance need to be in the correct places.  Not just on the wall of the shower or bath but outside and around the toilet in seated position.

Another important aspect of the design is ensuring that the basin and toilet is the correct height for the user.  Sinks need to be wall mounted without anything below so wheelchairs users have knee space. Users need to be able to reach so items such as soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and paste.  All of these items need careful consideration.

Disabled fold up toilet roll holder

Nonslip flooring is a no brainier, and one of the most important things a bathroom needs in order to address possible slips and falls.

WISAB have been installing bathrooms for the care industry for many years now so if a wheelchair accessible bathroom is what you need, get in touch today.  Many of the bathrooms we have designed and installed successfully can be viewed here.



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