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Caring for a loved one who lives with a disability, or who is elderly, can be difficult in many ways. With this being true, there are things that you might need to do to make life easier, both for you and for them, and one of your priorities should always be doing everything that you can in order to allow them to be independent as far as you possibly can. On a daily basis, there are a great number of tasks that they will need to complete, and using the bathroom is something that most people prefer to do on their own. When your loved one is in a wheelchair, accessibility can be an issue, which is why it is so important to make sure that you can change the bathroom in order to make it easier for your loved one to move around. We have put together a great list of tips for you, which means that you can rest assured that you have done everything that you possibly can to help your loved one.

Taking a shower

If your loved one does not like taking a bath, then you will need to be sure that you have lots of wheelchair accessible shower ideas to help them when they wish to take a wash. Without a doubt, a wet room is the best thing to have in this kind of situation, as you can be sure that your loved one can simply use their wheelchair to get in and out of the room, without having to worry about dealing with any kind of steps either into the room or into the shower itself. If you have a waterproof wheelchair then this is even better, as it means that they do not need to leave their chair. The only thing that you should be aware of with this is that you need to make sure that everything is in easy reach, but so long as you do this, there is no reason that your loved one should not be able to use the shower as and when they need to, completely on their own.

Designing your bathroom

When it comes to wheelchair accessible bathroom design, there are lots of things that will help to make life much easier for your loved one when they are using their bathroom, and with this being the case, putting just some of these ideas into place can help a lot. One thing that is important is space. Because your loved one will be using the bathroom in their wheelchair, they will need to have enough space to wheel into the bathroom, and also to turn around when needed. This could mean that you need to have the door widened, and if you do this it can help a lot, as it makes entering the bathroom much less of a challenge. In addition to this, when you are choosing the fittings for your bathroom such as your sink, you will need to remember that your loved one will need to use a lower basin than you may be used to. This means that they will be able to reach the taps and the basin without having to reach over, and this is something that can make it much less likely that your loved one will have any kind of accident in the future.

Another thing that you should think about is the flooring that you have in your bathroom. If your loved one will need to get in and out of their wheelchair to use the bathroom, then it is important that it is not likely that they will slip. Non slip mats are a fantastic thing to use, but there are also certain types of flooring that are less likely to cause slipping, too. If you are not entirely sure about the choices that you could make when it comes to this, a visit to a flooring company would be a great plan, and you should find that they can give you some advice if you mention that the flooring is to be placed in a bathroom that is used by an elderly relative.

Making your final plan

Before you hire a team to make changes to the bathroom of your loved one, you will need to make a final plan. It can sometimes be difficult to make sure that you have thought of everything in your wheelchair accessible bathroom plans, and this is even more difficult if you have never used a wheelchair yourself, as there is a chance that you simply do not know a lot of the difficulties that can be faced. To help with this, it is worth asking your loved one to show you various activities that they might do in the bathroom, and this will help you to see where things should be placed, or any issues that are being experienced at the moment that could be dealt with by doing something in a different way. This kind of walk through can particularly help when it comes to choosing where to put grab bars, as it is difficult to know where they need to go if you have not used the bathroom for yourself.

Once you have finished installing the new bathroom for your loved one, you are likely to be amazed when you see the difference that it has made. Although you might think that some of the changes that you have made are only small, this could make a huge difference when it comes to the quality of life that your loved one can experience, and this means that it is certainly more than worth it. With this in mind, it is a good idea to take your time thinking about all of the ideas that you might be able to put in place, and thinking which would be the best options for your loved one. The difference it can make is well worth the effort, and your loved one will be much happier and safer thanks to the effort that you have made.

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