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Luxury bathroom suites which give the ‘wow’ factor

Here at walk in Showers and baths, not only do we offer bathrooms which are low level and easy access for the elderly and disabled, we also install dream bathrooms which give the wow factor for any home.

Bathrooms have come a long way since the days of the Victorians.  They used to drag a tiny tub into the kitchen for their weekly clean! Yes weekly clean, that was the norm, they only bathed once a week back then. They would wash they hands and face more often but the rest got left.  Thank goodness for the modern bathroom.  Now we have power showers that can play music, mirrors that also play music, walk in showers for the elderly and even toilets that that blow-dry your bottom! Boy things have changed.  I am glad I can have a daily shower and not go through what the Victorians did.

Dream Shower 2

We are a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of bathrooms and with our experience we can bring some inspirational design ideas to give you the bathroom you have dreamed of.   Perhaps you want both, a beautifully designed bathroom which gives the wow factor but is also functional and practical for families with elderly relatives living with them.  Maybe you live with someone struggling with disabilities and you need wheelchair access but still want a wow bathroom.  Not a problem, this is all possible with our bathroom dreams division.  We have the expertise and plenty of bathroom suites to suite all tastes. With a survey we can take your needs and requirements into consideration and design and install a luxurious bathroom that you will want to show off.

Dream Shower 3

When you walk into a bathroom it’s the whole look and feel that attracts the eye, not just one part.  However if your tiles or floor has seen better days this will stand out.  So if you have recently had some new tiles or a new bathroom suite but still the overall look isn’t just giving you the ‘wow’ factor then you need our bathroom dreams division.  We can install parts of your bathroom to bring it up to scratch or we can do the whole shabang.

luxury bathroom suite

If you’re looking for a bathroom where you can pamper yourself or indulge yourself, then a dream bathroom is what you need.  Give us a call today and we will arrange a survey.  Once you’re happy with the design we will install it in record time at a great price.  The quality and workmanship will be hard to beat and you will soon be wanting to show off your bathroom dream.  Or you can keep it to yourself, let visitors use a downstairs toilet if you have one.  Save your luxurious bathroom for yourself, a beautiful place where you can light a candle and indulge yourself. Lovely jubbly as Del from Only Fools And Horses would say.


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