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Moving Downstairs and Removing the Barriers

A decision to move downstairs is a daunting one, but one that can benefit and make your lives much easier if needed due to age or illness. A major barrier concerning a move downstairs is that in many houses the bathroom is located upstairs. This will pose possibly the biggest hurdle to overcome, but is in no doubt doable.

moving downstairs

Photo courtesy of Bill Ward(CC Attribution)

An obvious idea is to move the bathroom downstairs, but this both a costly and time consuming pursuit, however if this is an idea that you’re stuck on doing but funds are low, grants are available to convert garages and build small extensions. In the case where bringing the bathroom downstairs is an impossible feat there are alternatives to consider. Stair lifts and room to room lifts are less costly and easier ideas to get from downstairs to upstairs. When this is still not an option a facility to use is a commode which would be kept by the bed to use at convince and ease.

A lack of rooms is another big barrier to overcome and no doubt a sacrifice will be made to bring a bedroom and living space downstairs, be it the dining room, living room or study. This is when clever storage and organisation come into play with moving. Perhaps turning a normal house into an ‘upside down’ house is an idea, simply swapping the bedroom and living room dynamic with each other, meaning the other members of the family and household do not loose out on a room they will have become familiar with.

With a move downstairs its an obvious assumption that mobility has been affected. This means a downstairs may need to made wheelchair friendly. This means doorways and passageways will need to be made bigger and that means interfering with the walls and house structure. Sounds daunting but is a possibility, make sure to contact and get an opinion from a builder before doing any structural work.

Specialist equipment may be needed, such as profile beds, and the room needs to be big enough fit all these new additions in. Again, this is where clever storage comes in and the use of high up shelves and cupboards come into play to help keep as much floor space available as possible.

A lack of privacy is an emotional barrier that may appear. With the downstairs space being the most used areas in the house, an upheaval this large is bound to take time getting used to. Understanding is key and soon it will become the norm for the household, but an investment in some door signs could make the difference between peace and anarchy.


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