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Bathing for the Elderly or Disabled

When you get older, doing the simple things like having a bath or shower can become a nightmare. The same can be said for a disabled person. Bathroom tasks such as getting into and out of a shower or bath, using the toilet, or washing hands can be a much simpler task when your bathroom is adapted using various accessories to make the job easier. Many of us end up needing the help of a nurse or family member for these every day tasks which can be quite humiliating. Sadly the inability to bathe ourselves can damage a person’s pride and could lead to them letting their personal hygiene slip. A proper bathroom design will often allow an elderly or...
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What makes us unique?

The walk in shower and walk in bath industry is a trying but very enjoyable occupation.  It is so easy to get carried away and manufacture an all dancing product that looks really ‘ must have’ but has not got any of the safety, practicable, longevity or user friendly features that it needs for our clients that have bathing difficulties. I am very lucky that I have spent 15 years designing and selling these products so have a wealth of knowledge that enables us to keep ahead of the competition with the flexibility of its products whilst keeping our prices more than competitive. Here are a few examples that are applicable to our products.   Let’s have a look at the...
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Make your Bathroom both Stylish and Practical

Our homes are, by our very living in them, extensions of ourselves and the way we are. From the pictures hanging in the hall through the sofa cushions in the living room, our choice of decorations say more than we could imagine about ourselves. That’s why we all put so much effort in to making our homes as beautiful as possible, but there’s long been the association with practicality and compromise. People will tell you that you can’t have true comfort along with great style, but I’m here to tell you that simply is not true. Think of your big, comfy sofa in the living room, from a design standpoint it is a gorgeous piece of furniture. At the same...
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