What makes us unique?

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The walk in shower and walk in bath industry is a trying but very enjoyable occupation.  It is so easy to get carried away and manufacture an all dancing product that looks really ‘ must have’ but has not got any of the safety, practicable, longevity or user friendly features that it needs for our clients that have bathing difficulties.

I am very lucky that I have spent 15 years designing and selling these products so have a wealth of knowledge that enables us to keep ahead of the competition with the flexibility of its products whilst keeping our prices more than competitive.

Here are a few examples that are applicable to our products.   Let’s have a look at the showers first.

  • All trays have Micro ban technology to help fight bacteria.  Bacteria is a fact of life but growth can be reduced by more than 99% by incorporating Micro ban
  • All doors are made to measure to your exact requirements
  • Doors are available in white and silver effect profiles
  • Floor former for wet rooms are made from 90% recycled products
  • Proudly made in Britain
  • Barrier free level access showering
  • Fully compliant water trap on 110mm high tray for unbreachable floors
  • A 110 mm high tray for unbreachable floors or where there are pipes in the way providing quick and easy installation
  • Our low level access tray just 40mm high is completely self supporting
  • Lifetime guarantee on all trays and doors against manufacturing defects
  • Cut to length trays fit exactly in place of the bath
  • Slip resistant surface for assured underfoot grip

I think you will agree, that’s quite an impressive list.

With the baths I have continued to offer unique features to benefit our clients.

  • A Stainless Steel welded Frame on all our baths. I used to use a steel powder coated frame and after 18 months we were getting so many service calls because the powder coating had come off and the frame started to rust that a pool of brown water would form on the client’s floor.  This was happening because the condensation in the bathroom was rusting the frame.
  • The highest or tallest walk in bath available.  The height of our previous bath was the standard 36 inches.  Clients were telling us that they still felt insecure when in it so we increased the height to 42 inches. What a difference it has made.  I am told it gives that extra feeling of security in that it prevents the feeling that you could fall out if you lost your balance.
  • Our fully adjustable door handle.  No matter what strength you have in you hands the handle can be adjusted to suit.
  • The only baths constructed with 2 coats of gel, 4 layers of Glass-Fibre in the upper part of the bath, 5 layers under the seat and, would you believe, 6 layers on the bottom.  It give’s the bath phenomenal strength which makes it very rigid.  Very important when you have a bath with a door in the side.  The last thing we want is a leaking door.  It’s not a well publicised fact but our competitors only use two layers of Glass-Fibre all around the bath.  Say no more.
  • Something I am really pleased with is our adjustable frame on the Mayfair.  Again, it’s the only full length bath with a Stainless Steel adjustable Frame that enables us to ensure that the door is correctly adjusted to close perfectly.  Our installers are fully trained to carry out this adjustment.

I think it’s safe to say that our showers and baths are known for their unique features.


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