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When you get older, doing the simple things like having a bath or shower can become a nightmare. The same can be said for a disabled person. Bathroom tasks such as getting into and out of a shower or bath, using the toilet, or washing hands can be a much simpler task when your bathroom is adapted using various accessories to make the job easier.

Many of us end up needing the help of a nurse or family member for these every day tasks which can be quite humiliating. Sadly the inability to bathe ourselves can damage a person’s pride and could lead to them letting their personal hygiene slip. A proper bathroom design will often allow an elderly or disabled person to bathe without the assistance of another person. Keeping our independence for as long as possible is very important as we get older.

The important thing when redesigned a bathroom for the elderly or disabled is making is extremely safe and practical. Here at Walk in Showers and Baths we have been supplying and installing bathrooms for the elderly and disabled for over 25 years. We know all the problems that the elderly need to overcome and we have solutions for all of them:

Level Access Showers

We have a huge range of easy access shower enclosures and wet rooms which are ideal for the elderly and disabled. Showers can be quite dangerous for the elderly unless they are adapted well.

Walk in Baths

Walk in baths are slightly more difficult to enter and exit compared to a walk in shower, however a walk in bath with a door is much easier to and safer than a conventional bath. Instead of having to step over a bath wall of two or three feet, the user just needs to raise legs to step over a gap that is usually around 4 inches high. The disadvantage of a walk in tub is that you have to wait for the tub to fill up, and then drain before you get out.
If you cannot afford a bathroom remodel, it can be much simpler to have a bath lift installed.

High Rise Toilets

Getting off a standard toilet can be tricky for the elderly and disabled which is why high rise toilets are a much better solution. Many elderly do not need to reply on a handle to pull themselves forward if the toilet seat is higher in general, however grab handles can also be including in the design. There are also raised toilet seat add-ons available which can raise the toilet seat a good 4-6 inches.


Low basins are ideal for people in wheelchairs as are larger tap handles to help those who have lost dexterity in their hands.


bathing accessories.

Seats and grab bars inside walk in showers enable the person to sit in the shower comfortable and pull them self up using the bars. These bars can also be situated around the toilet or basin to further help assist.


Disabled Showers

For the disabled we can design a bathroom or wet room which is ideal for wheelchair maneuverability. Disabled shower cubicles are our specialty and we have been designing and installing disabled shower enclosures for many years. Click here to take a look at our Doc Pack which shows a selection of accessories we offer.

When designing a bathroom it is worth thinking about the future needs of the user. The person may manage without grab handles currently but they may need them in the near future. Here at Walk in Showers and Baths we want to completely understand the needs of the individual now and in the future. We have years of experience dealing with all the issues the elderly and disabled struggle with, so will ask all the right questions to ensure you get a safe and practical bathroom installation for each individual.

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