Bathrooms for Elderly Parents

The whole purpose of bathing is to maintain health and physical well being of the body. From an early age we cleanse in a habitual and ritualistic way but as we get older this simple task becomes a lot more difficult.  Elderly people and the disabled suffer a magnitude of problems and some of them can result in quite seriously ramifications if their bathrooms are not suitable. Falls and accidents are common in the elderly if their homes are not adapted to their changing needs.

As we all age, our physical capabilities are more limited, for instance bending over or kneeling down is more difficult, grip strength is poor, and reaching parts of bodies can be troublesome. Bathing becomes a dangerous environment. Stepping into a bath is more difficult, then trying to get out. Without grab rails or a raised toilet, just using the toilet will be more difficult, then there is the chance of slipping, the list goes on. One of the biggest hazards that the elderly and disabled have is bathing.

Thanks to evolving technology and clever designs, modern bathrooms are now a completely safe and welcoming environment for the elderly or disabled. Our parents and grandparents can keep their independence for much longer. Older people can be proud and very set in their ways, and some quite stubborn, having looked after themselves and bathed solely their whole lives; it’s not surprising many find it hard to take help from people. It’s an embarrassing admission that we need help to wash and do this normal everyday task. If you have elderly relative maybe letting their hygiene slip due to no fault of their own, try talking to them about improving their bathroom, explain what can be done to improve their situation.

Here at Walk in Showers and Baths Ltd we totally understand this predicament and have been helping the elderly and disabled with their bathing needs for over 25 years. We specialise in bathrooms for the elderly and disabled so know all the questions to ask to ensure a bathroom meets its requirements. There doesn’t have to be a massive upheaval as a low level access shower can be fitted almost anywhere. You can have your bath removed and a level entry shower tray installed, without disturbing the rest of your bathroom.

All of our showers and baths are manufactured using the very latest technology. We are the only company that can offer you our certificated designs and models. Read here why our showers and baths are the best. If you ordered this week your bathroom could be installed the next week. If you just want delivery we offer a 3 day competitive delivery to anywhere in the UK, Europe or dispatch World Wide.

Every parent deserves the help they need to keep their independence and hygiene for as long as possible.  Call us today if your worried about your parents bathroom and would like us to advice you on what we can do to help, or follow the links below to look through our ranges:

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