Q?Are Walk In Bath And Shower Doors Water Tight?
A.Yes, they are fully water-tight. Most Walk in Bath and Shower companies guarantee their door seal for 12 months.

To us it’s important that we give you peace of mind that your bath or shower will not leak so we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on the door seal on both the Bath and the Shower. That’s how confident we are.

Q?Can I cancel my order?
A.The consumer law allows you a 7 day cooling off period.

Q.Can you use the Walk in Bath as a Shower?
A.A lot of our clients call our Regency and the Mayfair, the Walk in Shower Bath. The reason being that at the tap end there is a large standing flat area that is designed to enable those that want a shower to stand up and use it as a conventional shower. The advantage of taking a shower in the bath is that should you slip or fall the only place you could land is on your bottom on the fixed seat. They tell us it’s a lot safer than a conventional shower or even a wet room.

Our slip resistant floor greatly adds to that feeling of security. It is not anti-slip, which is the very rough sandpaper type, it is slip resistant without the roughness.

The greatest advantage is that you can shower whilst sitting down. Fix the shower head behind you at the seat end and enjoy the blissful feeling of temperature controlled water cascading over your head and body.

If you do not want it over the head lower the wall mounting to your shoulder height. The shower head can be hand held or wall mounted and the only item needed to complete the installation is a shower curtain which your installer can provide.

The Regency Walk in Shower Bath. A complete integral unit offering, safety, comfort, peace of mind and there is no necessity to require a carer or helper. Your independence has returned and so has a reborn quality of life.

The Lancaster is the same.

With the Mayfair it’s just like your existing Bath but with a door in the side. The Mayfair, Lancaster and the Regency really are Walk in Bath/Showers.

Q.Do Walk In Baths come with Hydrotherapy features?
A.All our Walk in Baths are available as a soaker, an air hydro-spa, a water whirlpool, or the dual, (air & water) at very realistic prices.

Q.How are your baths and showers so competitively priced?
A.The answer is our Company Policy to ensure our Seniors purchase excellent value for money. We are the manufacturer. You are dealing direct with the factory. There are no middle men, we have no high TV, newspaper or magazine ads to pay for and as we buy so much of our materials in large quantities we get the best purchasing prices. We pass this on to our clients.

Some of the so called charitable companies are spending many thousands of pounds per month advertising. Who has to pay for that? Also, as we own everything there are no high bank charges to pay back loans, etc.

We believe a Walk in Bath or a Walk in Shower is a necessity for a lot of people and should be affordable to everyone. They should not be treated as a luxury item only available to the advantaged few.

We have built our company to the size it is by offering a professional service using qualified installers and ensuring you receive exceptionally good value for money.

Finally, we only employ personnel that really understand the needs of our clients and will have your interest at heart.

You can pay with your Credit Card, Pay Pal, Cheque or by a Bank Transfer.

We guarantee that we will better any like for like prices you have been given. We are the manufacturer so there is no middleman.

After paying your deposit the final balance is due after satisfactory completion of the installation after the installer has given you a demonstration of how your bath works.

By now you will have realised how many unique features our Walk in Baths and Walk in Showers offer and what exceptional value for money they give you. How much are you saving against the quotations you have already received?

Please remember our unique features which safeguard your purchase, give you peace of mind and ensure your bathing security.

Please make sure that your Spa and/or Water system as well as your taps and mixers are tested and certificated and suitable for your particular Walk in Bath or Walk in Shower.

We even have the USA UL testing certification. This is the hardest one to obtain because of all the product liability claims that are made.

Before you buy a Walk in Bath please ask the supplier to show you the tested certification logo for that product. If they cannot show you it. Beware!!!!

They should look like one of these.

If you are after a Walk in Bath or a Walk in Shower, built to the highest quality at the best price please call 01952 601061 or fill in the request for further information on our website and we will e.mail you all the pictures, line drawings, installation guide, why our baths are best and our Bath and Shower brochure.

In the meantime why not download our free brochure. Click on the Free Brochure link on any of the web pages to download it.

Q. How do I arrange my delivery?
A.We will arrange all of this when we confirm the installation. Most Lancaster, Regency and Shower UK mainland deliveries are £85.00 and the Mayfair is £125.00. There is a small surcharge for Northern and Southern Scotland, I.O.M., the South West and the C.I.

We can arrange a timed delivery for an additional £10.00 This works well as by then your existing bath will have been removed and our installer and his mate will be ready to receive the new product.

If you want the bath or shower delivered before the day of installation please be aware that the delivery vehicle will have a tail lift, one person and a hand operated lift truck. He will be able to move the bath or shower into your garage or anywhere that has a flat surface entry. We can supply an additional person but he will be in the truck for the day and the charge is £80.00. If the bath or shower has to be lifted into the premises it would be better to ask a relation or a friend to be on standby to help.

Q.How do I order my Walk in Bath or Shower?
A.Just call us on 0800 612 5952 and make an appointment for one of our trained advisers to call who will discuss your requirements and ensure that the bath or shower you choose will fit, that it is the correct one for you, that the door is on the correct side, ascertain whether you need a pump to speed up the water flow, ensure your waste is suitable and then give you a fixed price to complete our 5 star installation.

Q.How long does a Walk in Bath take to empty?
A.A Walk in Bath should empty at the same rate as your existing bath.

Q.How long does a Walk in Bath take to fill?
A.Without the TMV it will fill at the same rate as your normal bath. If this is too long we can fit a pump.

Q.How long will it take to install my Walk in Bath or Shower?
A.Usually the installation will only take one day. If you require a bathroom modification it may take longer.

Q.I have been told that after a while some of these baths, because they have a steel frame, start to rust which weakens the bath and leaves rusty coloured water marks on the floor and carpet.
A.The most important part of any Walk in Bath is its frame. It needs to be welded together, not bolted, as a bolted frame can move. The frame must be substantial in size and of good quality.

Please be very aware of purchasing a Bath with a Steel Frame. What happens when you get water or condensation on steel? It eventually rusts.For confirmation that Stainless Steel is a superior product that should be used when there is moisture in the atmosphere (as in a bathroom) so that it prevents rusting,

The companies that use a steel frame powder coat the frame but the rust eats into the bare metal on the inside and where the spring washer has worn away the powder coating as the frame was tightened.

That is the last place you want any rust as it also weakens the nut and bolt.

Our frame is Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel does not rust.

Q. Should I buy a Short or Long Walk in Bath?
A.If you cannot lift your leg over the bath side, find it difficult to get up or lower yourself down and you are worried that you may slip then we would always recommend the upright bath with the fixed seat. This will be our Regency or Lancaster range. It will eliminate all those concerns.

If you require a Walk in Bath that all the family can use, then our Mayfair range is manufactured just for you. It is available in 1500mm and 1700mm lengths, will look like and replace your existing bath and has a door that can be on the left or right towards the tap end.

Q. Should I buy a straight door or a curved door?
A.Buy a Regency with a curved door. Most clients prefer the curved door. It allows the door to close over the top of your legs whilst you remain sitting. With the straight door you have to either stand up or force your legs to one side, which can be painful, to close the door. If you are slightly on the large size we would definitely recommend a Walk in Bath with a curved door like our Regency or Lancaster.

Q. Should I Buy A Walk In Bath With An Inward Or Outward Opening Walk In Path Door?
A. Inward opening doors are considered by most experts to be superior to the outward opening Walk in Bath doors. The primary reason is that they offer a far better watertight seal. They are also more difficult to accidentally open. On the very large baths, like our Supreme, this is not possible as the design prevents it. No need to worry though as the Supreme has a twin locking mechanism.

Q.What are the benefits of hydrotherapy features?
A.Improved relaxation, circulation, and relief from general aches and pains. Well worth the small extra cost.

Q.What are Walk in Baths and Walk in Showers made of?
A.Walk in baths and Walk in Showers are made of either acrylic or fibreglass. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Typically, fibreglass Walk in Baths and Showers are stronger and keep their sheen longer. This is the reason boats, yachts and planes are made from fibreglass. Acrylic models are more flexible and have been associated with leaking doors. If you have an acrylic bath it must be re-enforced with at least 4 layers of fibreglass and resin on the bottom.

Without this essential re-enforcement, acrylic will be cheaper, but after it is added, there is no difference.

Most acrylic manufacturers do not use this re-enforcement.

When you have to replace your kitchen under your bathroom due to a leaking bath door or shower tray, because it has not been re-enforced it’s not so cheap then. Please see why our Baths and Showers are best on our web site.

Q.What is the Installation Cost?
A.Download our Installation Cost Guide here.

Q. What is the delivery period?
A.Normally the Regency, the Mayfair Soaker and all the Showers are held in stock. Should we be out of stock the normal lead time is 6 – 8 weeks. All the Air, water and Dual Models are made to order.

Q. Which is the correct Shower for me?
A.With 42 models to choose from this really is impossible to answer. You need to make an appointment to have an assessment made and then we can work out an exact price to supply and install your Shower.

Q. Which Walk in Bath is right for you?
A.Read our Choosing your walk in bath guide here

Q. Why do Walk In Baths need to have Thermostatic Control/Mixer?
A.It is not a legal requirement to have one fitted. The optional thermostatic temperature control device can be one of the most important features of a walk in bath. It plays an essential safety role as you will remain seated in the bath as it fills to a comfortable level. The thermostatic mixer ensures that the water comes out at the perfect temperature for your own comfort.

Any thermostat mixing valve can reduce your water flow rate and increase your bath fill time.

With our Walk in Showers the thermostat control is an integral part of the lockable mixer valve.

Q. Will I have to Pay VAT?
A.Not necessarily, 99.9% of our domestic clients are Zero rated for VAT and do not pay VAT on their order. We have all the necessary VAT documents that we can complete for you and we advise you should you have any questions.

If you have any doubts please view the VAT exemption page on the Customs and Excise web site..

Q. Will the installation of my purchase cause much disruption in my house?
A. As long as it is a straight forward installation all of our products can be installed in one day and we will ensure any disruption is kept to a minimum. We will install on the day you request and work the hours to accommodate you.

The products are designed to either, fit into your existing bath space, or as a corner unit, or as a partial infill, a stand alone unit or a cubicle in a separate room.

Q. Will the Walk in Bath fit into my bathroom?
A. Most Walk in Showers and Walk in Baths are manufactured to fit into a Domestic property. The problem recently has been the rapid expansion of different size bathrooms, external and internal door, the repositioning of some bathrooms and the installation of stair lifts etc. These are just a few reasons why we need to ensure that the product you choose from our brochure or web site will actually fit into your designated room.

For mobile home owners we may need to remove the door frame. This is a normal procedure and the frame is put back when the bath is situated in the bathroom. If you live in a mobile home we will have to measure your hot water tank as it may need increasing in size.

Another reason why a home visit is so essential.

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