Mayfair with Bath Belt Lift

Mayfair with Bath Belt Lift
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The Mayfair walk in bath with belt lift will make getting in and out of the bath effortless. With the touch of a button the bath lift will lower you smoothly and gently to the bottom of the bath and then raise you again when finished. The seating band can then be retracted back into the wall mounted unit.

Key Features

  • Powered by 24Volt transformer situated outside the Bathroom
  • Automatic tensioning of the belt in the entry position
  • Solid handle
  • Floating waterproof handset
  • The bath lift can simply lifted from the wall bracket
  • Water resistant polypropylene band
  • Plastic cover cap on the Anchor bar
  • Max weight limit 20 stone

Customer Benefits

mayfair walk in bathEasy access through the low level entry door. Then simply lower yourself onto the bath belt itself and operate belt from a switch on the waterproof handset.  The band will gently fall in a smooth action, and then raise again when finished.

The bath belt lift is always ready to use because there are no batteries or charging required.  It is powered by a 24 Volt transformer situated outside the bathroom therefore making it completely safe.

The automatic tensioning of the belt in entry position makes the belt more ‘solid’ when you are getting on and off. It also features a solid handle which will take the full weight of the bather (up to 20 stone) and provides a solid support when getting on and off the belt.

The bath belt lift can be easily stowed away if not being used for a period of time and the rot-proof band quickly dries after use for storage.  There is also a safe plastic cover over the anchor on the floor which protects the bather’s feet from hitting the metal bar.

bath belt liftbath-belt-lift2bath belt lift


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