Safety Certificates


The most important aspect of your purchase is your safety. How safe is the walk in bath you are purchasing?

Some people say that the Health and Safety Executive have gone too far with a lot of needless legislation. When it comes to the safe keeping of our clients we disagree with those sentiments.

Every country in the World has its own Health and Safety Executive and they are all working towards making all the products that we purchase safer.

We have all the Global Certifications that are required to meet all the new stringent product testing and Government testing requirements appertaining to a walk in bath, Spa and Whirlpool Model..

Some walk in bath companies may have one of these certifications but not all of them like we do.

Our certification will give you peace of mind that all our products have been tested to the highest required standards.

Our products have been tested by the appropriate agencies to ensure they meet the high required standards.
It has cost us a lot of money to acquire these certifications which really does endorse our commitment to making a quality walk in bath that we can sell at an affordable price.

Please make sure that you’re spa and or water system as well as your taps and mixers are tested and certificated and suitable for that particular walk in bath…

Before you buy a walk in bath or shower please ask the supplier to show you the tested certification for that product. If they cannot show it. Beware.!!!!