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Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures come in all shapes and sizes to suit all peoples tastes and individual needs. Quadrant showers, walk in showers, showers with hinged or sliding doors, the options are endless. Here at Walk in Showers and Baths Ltd we help you get the best shower for your needs, and the very best price.  A full survey is required to ascertain that your chosen model and design will fit as there are many technical issues to consider.

Below is overview of all the types of enclosures we can offer:

shower stalls

Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Quadrant shower enclosures or corner shower enclosures are available in a large range of styles and sizes. Corner entry shower enclosures are large enough to feel spacious but shaped to save you floor space. The curved shape of the shower enclosures allows them to be installed in smaller sized bathrooms. Customers can benefit from a separate showering facility which gives a beautiful stylish focal point.

Sliding shower enclosure

Sliding Shower Enclosure

Sliding door shower cubicles feature a door which slides along the length of the enclosure. This offers unobstructed access as the door neither opens inwards or outwards. Sliding shower door cubicles are very adaptable. They can be installed in an alcove. Teamed with frameless side panels they can also be installed in the corner or on a straight wall.

Curved Shower EnclosuresCurved Quadrant Showers

The curved shaped corner shower enclosure again is a great space saver.  The the design takes up less of your floorplan, hence the rolling/ sliding doors will not project into your bathroom. A great shower for where space is at a premium. Looks stylish and is easy to clean.

Hinged Shower EnclosuresHinged Shower Enclosures

Our Pacific shower stall is ideal when you need a split hinged shower enclosure.  The split shower door allows a relative or carer to lean over and provide the help needed. The stable style door splits neatly in half simply by a turn of the handle. The Pacific can be tailored to suit customers need as it comes in a variety of sizes.

walk through shower

Walk Through Shower Enclosures

Walk-through or walk-in shower enclosures are completely free from doors and have an opening where you choose. All shower screens are made of thick tempered glass. This means they are safe and durable and consequently last for many years. In addiction, they are also very easy to clean.

Walk in Showers and Wetrooms

Below are some more image of our shower enclosures.  To view all our walk in showers click here, and click here for Wet rooms.

disabled wetroom
Recessed Disabled Shower



Shower Trays

Our WISAB shower trays have a unique design so that they can create a full level access, surface mounted or step in shower enclosure.

walk in shower tray sizes


  • Quick draining
  • 35mm fall to the waste
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Suitable for all floor types

Available sizes

  • 1200mm x 700mm • 1300mm x 700mm
  • 1420mm x 700mm • 1420mm x 820mm
  • 1500mm x 700mm • 1700mm x 700mm
  • 1800mm x 700mm • 1800mm x 820mm

Available depths
All shower trays are for either recessing into the floor or standing a very low 40mm, 90mm or 110mm high.

Disabled Shower Cubicles

Wrekin Showers

electric walk in shower bluetooth

electric blue tooth showers with remote controlOur modern electric showers have been beautifully designed with you in mind.  We have the perfect electric shower for any setting, whether it’s for a family bathroom or a new development, a small flat or a mansion, a parent or a carer,


  • Easy push-button or traditional dial controls: Power, Temperature, Flow
  • All controls closely grouped together
  • Raised tactile symbols: +, -, Temp, Flow
  • Audible Temperature and Flow Indicators
  • LED Illuminated Temperature and Flow Indicators
  • Matt anti-glare finish
  • Rounded surfaces and edges for safety
  • BEAB CARE Certified
  • RNIB Tried and Tested
  • 10.5kW option for therapeutic use
  • Bluetooth® Smart wireless remote control (optional)


Request Free Brochure & Prices

For more information and advice on all our shower enclosures, phone us free on 0800 612 5954, or for those in the North call 0161 870 2545 for the South call 0207 101 9340, for Midlands call 01952 457 991.

Email us at info (at) walkinshowersandbaths (dot) co (dot) uk or fill out the form on the right and someone will be in touch soon.

Video Testimonial

Mrs Holloway Long from Midlands had a walk in shower installed and this is her video testimonial below:

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