elderly woman smiling

According to a new report, pensioners in England are now living longer than ever before, with the average life expectancy for men rising to 84 and to 86 for women. The report, which was put out by Public Health England, also detailed the length of time we can expect to live once we reach certain age milestones; figures which have increased since the previous statistics issued for 2014.

If you’re male, you’re likely to live another 19 years after you reach 65, and a further 12 years if you make your 75th birthday. If you’re lucky enough to reach your 85th birthday you can expect another 6 years, and those who celebrate 95 years on this earth can look forward to another three.

For women, the figures show that those who reach 65 can expect another 21 years, while 75 year olds could live for another 13 years. Women who are 85 years young are likely to live until they’re 92, while women who get to celebrate their 95th birthday could well live until they’re 98.

This year’s figures show a slight increase on those of last year. During the years 2011 and 2012 life expectancy at some of the older milestones actually went down, while the levels recovered somewhat based on figures in 2013.

However, these predictions vary according to where you live in England. Regional differences are also highlighted in the report, with people who live in London, the south west, south east and east of England living longer than those who live in the north east and north west of the country. While the figures for this are obvious, Public Health England have admitted that the reasons for these variations are not yet clear. However, on a positive note, the report shows that life expectancy as a whole is at the highest level since PHA started measuring and keeping statistics, which must be something worth celebrating.

But before we get out the bunting, one thing to remember is that while the statistics show that we’re living longer than ever before, achieving a good quality of life in our later years is something that we need to consider as we enter into old age. Although people are seeing more birthdays, many are doing so in poor health, and so it’s important to look at ways to ensure that we keep as healthy as possible as we age, together with finding ways to make our lives easier.

Taking up regular exercise or adjusting our diet to eat more fruit and vegetables can go a long way to improving our health and, together with monitoring things such as our cholesterol and blood sugar levels and keeping our blood pressure under control, can mean that we’ll give ourselves the best chance to remain healthy for as long as we can. Thinking ahead and adapting our homes, by installing walk-in showers or ground floor bathrooms can also make life easier, as old age can often mean losing some of our mobility. Traditional shower enclosures and upstairs bathrooms can sometimes make bathing and other personal tasks more difficult if mobility becomes an issue, therefore installing more user friendly options before any difficulties begin can mean a smooth transition should walking become a problem in later life.

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