Walk in showers and Baths Ltd totally understand the needs of elderly people and those with disabilities and the importance of remaining independent in their homes. We all enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath and those that have that pleasure taken away will feel very frustrated. But there are bathing aids that help you overcome most of the difficulties the elderly and disabled face. We have a huge range of disabled bath aids which assist the elderly or disabled to bath safely in their own home.

Bath & Shower Seats

With bath seats you are able to sit up higher in the bath which makes the distance you have to lower yourself much less. Sometimes a bath seat is all that is needed to help you get in and out of a bath rather than having a walk in bath installed. Shower seats are also ideal for those with a walk in shower but have trouble standing for long periods of time. We have a great range of shower chairs for the elderly, below are just a couple:

Space Saver Seat with armsspace saver compact shower seat

Disabled fold up toilet roll holder

Stainless Steel Fold Up Rail

This is a great bathroom aid and one of our more popular toilet aids for the elderly and disabled. We do have many more handicap toilet accessories featured in our free brochure.


• Fold-up design gives you more room, especially where space is limited
• Ideal for multi-user environments
• An adjustable supporting leg ensures added strength and stability
• Supporting leg adjusts in 25mm increments
• Integral stainless steel toilet roll holder

Bathroom Steps

Stepping in and out of a bath is one of the biggest problems the elderly face. If you cannot afford a walk in bath, then a bathroom step could be the option.

Raised Toilet Seat

Looking for a raised toilet seat?  Our raised height WC seats (pans) are a practical solution without the need for unsightly plinths or extra thick toilet seats that prevent the lid from closing.

The raised height WC pans can be retro fitted to the existing soil pipe fitted to the current toilet making an excellent toilet aid for the elderly.


raised toilet seat

Grab Rails

Stainless steel grab railFluted Grab Rail








Grab rails are great bathing aids which come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be positioned anywhere, so any place where you personally need the aid. Perhaps this is by the side of the bath or by the site or inside a shower. We can also supply rails which double up as towel rails but are much stronger so can be used as a grab rail also. Bath rails are great bathroom aids for elderly or for anyone who is a little unsteady on their feet or worried when trying to step into a bath. Bath rails also help to increase confidence when it comes to bathing home alone.

Reclining Bath Lift

Reclining bath lift
Our reclining bath lift makes bathing safer, easier and relaxing again. For use with our Mayfair walk in bath range. The quick release system means that it can be easily removed leaving your bath clear for other users. Once the bath seat is lowered down into the bath the back rest reclines allowing you to relax in your bath whilst still being fully supported.

Disabled Bathroom Design

If your looking for a newly designed bathroom to fit around your mobility or disability issues then you have come to the right place.  Our speciality is disabled bathroom design.  We actually manufacture walk in baths and have been supplying them to the care sector for many years.  We will advise you on whether a level access shower enclosure or wet room is the best solution.  Perhaps you would prefer a bath or the combination of both. Whatever type of bathroom you require we can design and install the very best bathroom. These days disabled bathrooms can be practical and look luxurious at the same time.  They can also be universal which means they are adapted for all family members.

Some of the questions we need answering before we can plan and design the perfect disabled bathroom are:

What bathroom activities does the disabled user need physical assistance with?
(those with carers may benefit from a split screen shower enclosure which is ideal for assisted bathing)

What activities can you do independently?
(this is so we know where to place grab bars)

Would you prefer a walk in bath or level access shower enclosure or both

Does the bathroom design need to incorporate the use of a wheelchair?
(we will suggest a level access shower or wet room)

What disabled bathroom equipment could be of assistant?
(we have a number of disabled bathroom equipment which can be incorporated into the bathroom design)

Will your condition deteriorate over time?
(this is so we understand your needs in the future so your bathroom design can be adapted)

How many people share the bathroom?
(this is to find out if the bathroom needs to work for all family members)

These are just a few questions we ask. Depending on the answers to these question we may ask more.  Each handicapped person will have unique needs which is why we will ask lots of questions.  Understand the disability is the most important part of planning a successful bathroom design.  Your needs now and your needs in the future.   A full survey will take 90 minutes which will give us enough time to ask these questions and look at the bathroom for any technical issues.


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