6 Tips to Remodel a Bathroom for the Elderly

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Many seniors do not want to move into a care home, so they are opting to stay at home and make any necessary revisions there. After all, keeping independent as long as possible is quite important to aging men and women. One revision that is quite popular and important for aging adults is in the bathroom. As adults get older, they want to be sure that their bathrooms are safe so that the risks of slipping or falling will be low.

It is estimated that approximately 235,000 people seek emergency help due to injuries that occur in the bathroom. This information comes from The Center for Disease Control and Prevention and is absolutely the reason why aging adults ought to consider making some remodeling changes to their bathroom.

To decrease the chances of slips and falls in the bathroom, consider the following tips that will allow an aging senior to be safe and sound in the bathroom:

1. Install a walk-in bath or shower.
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If you install a walk in shower or bath, you provide a safe area for taking care of personal hygiene. The last thing you want is for someone to fall while trying to get into the shower. Aging adults have a more difficult time getting into the bath, as they cannot always get their leg up over the bathtub and set is securely into the tub. Walk-in baths and walk in bathshowers eliminate the need for someone to lift their leg to get into the shower area.  (please note that our weak in showers can be installed to be completely floor level so there is no need to step up at all – the picture above does not show this) Additionally, walk-in-baths can have railings on the side, non-slip floors, and a seat so that falls will be much less likely to occur. You may also find a walk-in shower that has a handheld showerhead or jets that make for a whirlpool experience.

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2. Floors that are non-slip. To be sure that the bathroom floor is non-slip, place non-skid bath mats or rugs that stay secure while someone is moving about in the bathroom. You don’t always have to replace the flooring in order to keep an aging senior safe; just be sure that the bath mats are high quality with non-slip backing.

3. Senior-friendly toilet. Install a senior-friendly toilet that allows seniors to sit down and Doc Packget up easier than a standard toilet. Should one need a good bit of help with this, there are special made lift chairs that will assist with this task.

4. Lower sink. You can make a small adjustment to the height of the sink to accommodate seniors. Keep in mind, however, that if a wheelchair is used, you want to be sure there is enough room for the chair to easily get around the bathroom.

Kinemagic Grab Handle Close Up5. Grab bars.  You cannot go overboard when installing grab bars in the bathroom, as seniors tend to like to grab onto them to assist them with their routine tasks. Put one next to anywhere a senior might need some leverage for standing up or sitting down.

6. Bright lights. You don’t want a dark bathroom, as seniors need to be able to see clearly while taking care of their bathroom needs. Install bright lights and consider putting in a vanity mirror as well.

Keeping seniors safe in the bathroom ought to be a big priority, it is so easy to slip and seriously damage yourself when your older and you just physically cannot do what you used to do.

Here at Walk in Showers and Baths totally understand and want to help as many of the elderly stay independent and be as safe as possible in their bathrooms for as long as possible.  We understand the headache involved in remodeling a bathroom for seniors, we have the experience to ask all the relevant questions.  Our comprehensive 90 minute survey will ensure you get the right bathroom and accessories for you needs. We will go that extra mile for you because we understand the worry and concern when it comes to our elderly’s health safety and well being.  One slip or fall can cause quite a catastrophe for our elderly and completely unnecessary.  Following all these tips or letting us take the headache by remodeling your bathroom should give you more peace of mind. Once you’re done with the bathroom, consider doing the same to other rooms in the home, as there is nothing more important than one’s health and safety.



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