Keeping yourself happy, healthy and safe in 2015

2015 is well underway and, no doubt, some of you have already made some resolutions for the coming year. However, while we may have had some extremely ambitious plans and goals when we were in our twenties, thirties or even in our forties, as we get older most of us are happy to slip into a more relaxed mode of life and concentrate on keeping ourselves active and happy.

As we enter into our fifties and sixties, we become increasingly more aware of the importance of keeping healthy and mobile throughout our latter years, especially when activities that were once easy for us, begin to require more effort. While we’re here to help you, if you need to make changes to your bathing and personal care needs, there are many ways in which you can take control of your own health, happiness and safety, and make 2015 a year you’ll look back on with satisfaction.

1. Take care of your health
No, we’re not going to suggest that you hit the gym, unless of course you want and are able to do so. However, it is important to keep yourself active and moving. Whether this involves a short walk outdoors every day, completing a set of exercises while sitting in your chair, or some relaxing yoga moves, make an effort to fit some daily movement into your life. Diet is also an key consideration. While there’s no denying that we eat food because we enjoy the taste, making sure that you eat a nutritious diet will go a long way to keeping you healthy. Limit the amount of processed foods you consume, and try to eat more fruit and vegetables. And don’t forget, while the odd glass of alcohol won’t hurt, it’s best to save it for an occasional treat rather than a daily occurrence.

2. Take steps to reduce stress
Many people underestimate the effects of stress on our bodies. Often in later years, rather than being overwhelmed by the amount of things that we have to do, we find ourselves stressed because we don’t have things to fill our time, or because we are lonely. Make a point of doing something you love every day. Whether that’s savouring a special cup of tea, or having a phonecall with a relative or friend. Take up a new hobby or pick up an old one. Develop a ‘spa ritual’, with scented bath products, candles and soft music; it can be a great way to end your day and prepare you for sleep. Take a short walk outdoors: it’s amazing how a bit of sun can brighten up not just your day, but your mood too.

3. Sort out your environment
Getting on top of all those little jobs around the house is an excellent way to bring order to your home and your mind. Not only will it make your surroundings more comfortable and organised, but you’ll be making your home safer too. Does your living room need a makeover to bring it up to date? Could extra handrails or a stair lift make going upstairs easier? Would a walk in bath or shower make bathing safer and more pleasurable? Take stock of your environment and take advice on possible improvements to make your life easier and safer.

4. Get to grips with new technology
While we’re not suggesting that you learn how to programme a computer, although that would be a wonderful activity for keeping the grey cells active; it does make sense to know how to use your mobile phone, especially for making emergency calls. Mobiles and tablets can open up a whole new world in terms of communication and learning, with programmes and applications available for ‘face to face’ conversations, for reading books and newspapers, and for acquiring new skills. Remember, you’re never too old to learn something new and it’s a great way to keep your mind alert.

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