Walk in baths built to last

When it comes to choosing a company to install a walk in bath for yourself or an elderly relative it is important to choose a company that gives you the best quality bath and installation service possible. Walk in Showers and Baths Ltd have been manufacturing, distributing and installing walk in baths around the world for over 25 years.  The reason people and traders choose our walk in baths over our competitors is because our baths are built stronger and tougher than any others on the market. Having installed many baths for the elderly or disabled we understand the unique specific needs each of our clients will have and ensure these are addressed so that you get the a bathroom that meets your needs and will last for years and years to come.

Why our baths are the best

When buying a walk in bath you want it to be strong enough so that it takes your weight and last for many years. This all comes down to how it was built and designed. The frame is one part of the bath which when made from stainless steel and welded together is much stronger that a mild steel which is bolted together. Many competitors just use a mild steel and bolt the frames together which is cheaper to make but it not the best way to make walk in baths that are going to last. A stainless steel frame will prevent rusting and gives a lot more rigidity and longevity of the bath.

Stainless Steel Handle and Jet Locations The tidyness of the Air System with the Stainless Steel Frame The Air Jet_attachments Underside of Bath

Another thing we don’t cut corners on is the gel coating and fibre-glass layers. Some of the baths which our competitors sell only have one layer of gel coating but we give ours THREE. We are also not tight with the layers of high-efficiency glass-fibre as we use FOUR layers which makes the whole body thicker and of course stronger. In the main supporting area around the corners and back of the seat we use FIVE layers, and on the floor area we use SIX layers. We believe three layers of fibre-glass is not sufficient which is why we use more.

If you are looking for a walk in bath that was manufactured to last and doesn’t cut corners in its manufacturing process, come and talk to us about our walk in baths.

A full survey will only take 90 and if you’re local to Telford or the Shropshire area we would welcome you to come to our showroom and see the baths for yourself. Call us today on 01952 601061 to learn more about our baths or if you would like a free brochure either fill out the form on this page: http://www.walkinshowersandbaths.co.uk/free-brochure/ or call us on our free brochure lines below. For North call 0161 870 2545, Midlands 01952 457991, South 0207 101 9340, Freephone 0800 612 5954.

Mayfair Soaker Walk in Bath

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Mayfair Soaker – CLICK HERE

A Walk-in-Bath all the family can use. The same size as a conventional full-length bath but has the advantage of the Walk-in-Facility provided by a door at one end. At 1700 mm and 1500 mm long and with a door either side it makes the Click here for installation cost information, alternatively call us on one of our three lines: For Midlands and North call 01952 457991, for the South call 0207 1019340 or Freephone 0800 612 5954.Mayfair adaptable to most bathrooms.

Regency Soaker Bath

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Regency Soaker Bath – CLICK HERE

With a Stainless Steel Frame, a foot and hand operated Pop up Waste, eliminating bending down to insert the plug and is available in White. Simply sit down, close the door and fill the walk in bath to your desired level. Fill it to just above the ankles for that soothing foot massage, above the knees to ease the joints or to the top and ENJOY.

Mayfair Air Hydro Spa Bath

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Mayfair Air Hydro Spa Walk in Bath – CLICK HERE

The same design as the Mayfair Soaker with an added Air Hydro Spa system consisting of * Pneumatic Control for Pump * 0.75HP Electric Air Pump Motor * 550 w Air Jet Blower and * 18 Air Jets. More Air Jets than any other walk in bath system. Relax in a smooth Air Spa Bath and let the body enjoy a relaxing massage.

Regency Water Whirlpool Bath

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Regency Water Whirlpool Walk in Bath – CLICK HERE

One of the Regency range with all the features of the Soaker and the added luxury of a Water Whirlpool system. Our Whirlpool even has a heater to keep the water at the existing bath temperature. * Pneumatic Control for Pump, * 220V, 1 HP Electric Water Pump Motor , * 6 Adjustable Water Jets, * 2HP Tee Heater (Keeps Temperature Consistent). Note: All of our water massage jets have a 360*range of motion to provide maximum comfort and versatility. Note: The tee heater is designed to maintain water temperature during water jet operation.


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Mayfair Dual Air & Water Walk in Bath – CLICK HERE

The top end of the Mayfair walk in bath range. The Bees Knees of all Walk in Baths. This has all the features of the Air Hydro Spa and all the features of the Water Whirlpool combined into one Mayfair and will give you the ultimate bathing experience. There is not another Dual system like it. Just take a look at it’s specification. – Pneumatic control for pump, – 0.75 HP Electric air pump motor, – 18 Air jets, – Pneumatic control for pump, – 240 V, 1 HP Electric water pump motor, – 6 Adjustable water jets and a 2 HP Tea heater (CE, UL approved)


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