Regency Water Whirlpool Bath


Regency Water Whirlpool Bath Lady laying in Regency Water Whirlpool Bath


– Stainless steel handle
– The Regency has a contoured, built in seat
– Slip resistant floor
– Drain and overflow
– Removable Front access panel
– One end panel
– Left or right door
– Heavy duty reinforced door system
– White
– High gloss triple gel coat system- Heavy duty reinforced fibreglass, resin coated gloss finish- Free standing stainless steel support frame with adjustable leveling feet
– The Regency has a 17″ high contoured built in seat

Top down view of Regency Water Whirlpool Bath whirlpool side view

Regency Range Sizes:

One of the many keys to the Regency’s success is its strategically designed shaped door with an ultra low entry threshold as the schematic drawing on page 15 of our Brochure will show. It allows you to easily step in and out of the bath. Simply sit down, close the door and when you are safely seated fill the bath to your desired level. Fill it to just above the ankles for that soothing foot massage, above the knees to ease the joints or to the top and ENJOY. The Regency range has a Stainless Steel Frame, a foot and hand operated Pop up Waste, so you do not have Bend down to insert the plug.

Bath Height – 1010mm
Bath Width – 655mm
Bath Length – 1305mm
Step Height – 170mm

Whirlpool Bottom Right hand Corner

* Pneumatic Control for Pump
* 220V, 1 HP Electric Water Pump Motor
* 6 Adjustable Water Jets
* 2HP Tee Heater (Keeps Temperature Consistent)

Note: All of our water massage jets have a 360*range of motion to provide maximum comfort and versatility.

Note: The tee heater is designed to maintain water temperature during water jet operation. It will not heat cold water to desired bathing temperature.

If you are considering the purchase of a Walk in Bath, both the Regency and the Mayfair are available as a Soaker, Air Hydro Spa, Water Whirlpool or the Dual ( combined Air & Water). Choose between the soaker, the air, the whirlpool or dual model, and either download our brochure or call us on 0800 612 5954.

One of the Regency range with all the features of the Soaker and the added luxury of a Water Whirlpool system. Our Whirlpool even has a heater to keep the water at the existing bath temperature. * Pneumatic Control for Pump, * 220V, 1 HP Electric Water Pump Motor , * 6 Adjustable Water Jets, * 2HP Tee Heater (Keeps Temperature Consistent).

Delivery Information

We have most of the products you are viewing in stock ready for immediate installation. We can normally offer a complete installation a week after receiving your order.  Our claim to fame is ‘Order this week, install next week’.