Is a Walk in Bath Right for You?

A Walk in bath with a sealed door which you open out is the best solution for those with limited mobility. It will help the elderly keep up with their hygiene and keep their independence for longer.  Walk in baths can come in full size so the whole family can use not just those with mobility issues.

If you suffer from arthritis, poor circulation, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, fibrosis, Parkinson’s, high blood pressure or if you are recovering from a knee replacement or have fallen trying to get in and out of a standard bath then a walk in bath is perfect for you. People have always benefited from the healing power of bathing and many countries use water therapy and medical treatments in a number of spas around the world.  It is well known that having a bath promotes relaxation and stress relief.  Water is also a great way to detoxify the body and replenish it with much needed hydration. Soaking in a bath is great for rehabilitation from accidents, traumas and strokes.  A good bath is also great for preventing ailiments as bathing therapy increases blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and improves energy and your mood in general.

How to choose the right walk in bath?

We have many walk in baths to choose from so it might be worth speaking to us so we can get a feel as to what bath would suit you and your needs best. Or you can take a look at our walk in baths page and read up on each one.

With regards to the manufacture of walk in baths, we have all that covered.  Our baths are the best because we go that extra mile. You dont have to worry about the quality of our baths because we do more than all our competitors.  All of our walk in baths have been manufactured with stainless steel and are welded together NOT bolted. We add THREE layers of high gloss Gelcoat whereas most walk in baths only have one. We are FOUR layers of high-efficiency glass-fibre used to build up the thickness of the whole body and we also thicken the main supporting areas around the corners and around the back of the seat where we use FIVE layers of high-efficiency glass-fibre and we use SIX layers in the floor area.
If you need a bath that it suitable for the whole family then our Mayfair soaker would be the best option for you. It comes in the same conventional full length bath size but also has the walk in facility with a door at one end.

mayfair walk in bathmayfair lady standing







Walk in baths can be equipped with six state-of-the-art water jets, take a look at our Mayfair Air Hydro spa Bath here. Why sacrifice luxury when you can have a hydro spa walk in bath which offers vitalizing spa experience. Warm water is pumped through 18 air jets (more than any other) strategically placed throughout the bath which offers focused massage to hit specific areas such as the lower back, arms, hips, legs and feet. All the Air Jet and Water Jet holes are re-enforced and we apply a section of marine ply glass-fibre to the underside of the base.

Mayfair Air Hydro Spa Bath






Dual massage walk-in baths offer the ability to have both hydro and air massage such as our top of the range Mayfair Dual air and water bath. It really is the bees knees of all walk in baths. This has all the features of the Air Hydro Spa and all the features of the Water Whirlpool combined into one which will give you the ultimate bathing experience. Plus you can have a shower/walk in bath combined.

Mayfair Dual Air & Water Bath








If your still not sure which is the best walk in bath for you, call us on one of our three lines: For Midlands and North call 01952 457991, for the South call 0207 1019340 or Freephone 0800 612 5954.  Or fill out the following form for installation costs – prices start from just £3245.00.


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