Mayfair Air Hydro Spa Bath

Mayfair Air Hydro Spa Bath

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice luxury just because you need to use a walk in bath, and with all the new designs available on the market, you no longer have to. Our Mayfair Range, Soaker, Air, Whirlpool or Dual are highly practical and stylish.  Baths should be an indulgent experience, so why not enjoy one of these models. Take the Air with 18 bubbling air jets! designed to relax your muscles after a long tiring day, and are perfect for soothing aches and pains.

Walk in baths with a Hydro or Air Spar are ideal for people who deal with mobility problems or suffer from a disability, as they offer the complete relaxation experience that you might get from a luxurious 5* spa.  They really do help with the circulation. These  baths will quickly transform bath time from an effort, to a joy; and on top of that the rest of the family will be able to enjoy it as well, although we’re not sure you’ll want to share it! Buying a walk in water or spar bath could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Stainless steel handle
– Drain and overflow
– Removable access panel
– One end panel
– Left or right door
– Heavy duty reinforced door system
– White
– High gloss triple gel coat system
– Heavy duty reinforced fiberglass, resin coated gloss finish- Free standing stainless steel support frame with adjustable leveling feet


Mayfair Range Sizes:

At last, a range of affordable Walk-in-Bath all the family can use. It’s the same size as a conventional full-length bath but has the advantage of the Walk-in-Facility provided by a door at one end. At 1700mm long and with a door either side it makes the Mayfair adaptable to most bathrooms.

Length  1700mm (66.5″)
Width  699mm (27.5″)
Height  571mm (22.5″)
Entry Step Height  175mm (7″)

Door  Inward Opening


-Pneumatic Control for Pump
-0.75HP Electric Air Pump Motor
-550 w Air Jet Blower
-18 Air Jets

If you are considering the purchase of a Walk in Bath, both the Regency and the Mayfair are available as a Soaker, Air Hydro Spa, Water Whirlpool or the Dual ( combined Air & Water). Choose between the soaker, the air, the whirlpool or dual model, and either download our brochure or call us on 0800 612 5954.

The same design as the Mayfair Soaker with an added Air Hydro Spa system consisting of

-Pneumatic Control for Pump
-0.75HP Electric Air Pump Motor
-550 w Air Jet Blower and
-18 Air Jets. More Air Jets than any other system.

Relax in a smooth Air Spa Bath and let the body enjoy a relaxing massage.

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