elderly lady

Getting older is starting to play on my mind a bit. I found it difficult when my father died and the lack of help and care from family members, and his lack of care at an NHS hospital.  It seems as children we are looked after well and nurtured (if we’re lucky), but sadly when we get to the end of our life when we need the same, it doesn’t always happen.

I would like to be able to help the elder generation if I can. I am always looking for things to write about which if helped one person would have been worth the effort. More and more over 60’s are using the web and social media theses days and hopefully wont mind spending a few moments to answer the questions.

Below is the short Growing Old Survey (21 questions) which should only take a couple of minutes to complete. You can give as much detail as you wish or just yes or no answers.

Thanks to all those that take part.  I really appreciate it.

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