Windsor Shower Pod with Sliding Door

Windsor Shower Pod with Sliding DoorStandard Features Include:

  • 1200 mm L x 750mm W x 2100 mm H Pod.
  • Pod design to include sides and rear.
  • Designed to fit into your existing bath space
  • Sliding Door Alcove configuration.
  • No need for expensive tiling.
  • Adjustable extension panel to fill in the gap after removing your existing bath.
  • Water control is a single-handle anti-scald valve for ease of use and safety.
  • Removable handheld showerhead with hose and chrome-plated slide bar.
  • One 18 inch grab bar fitted to your requirements.
  • Removable optional chair with supporting arms.
  • Possible to install in one day.
  • Complete Bathroom refit service available.
  • Watertight lifetime guarantee.
  • Installed by fully trained qualified installers.



We are pleased to bring you the Windsor Range of Walk in Showers. The showers that can be fitted in a day. Walk in, sit down on our removable chair and enjoy. Here’s the wonderful innovation that brings back the delightful feeling of taking a shower and the joy of being independent once again! How wonderful it is to be able to shower yourself clean, or to simply shower for the sheer delight it can bring! We do not use a fixed seat that gets in the way when anyone wants a stand up shower and We do not fix the seat to the wall. We used to but no matter how securely you mount it to the wall, after 12 – 18 months it comes away. The Windsor Shower range does it all. Walk in and enjoy the benefits of showering either by stepping up over the small tray and stand up or sitting in a specially designed optional removable chair with supporting arms.

The Windsor.  This is our top seller.  With a large single sliding door it will fill your existing bath space with a small infill at the end.